Do Apps Kill the Saturday Night Date?

Dating apps are supposed to make it easier to find that special someone. Dating apps are supposed to help you cut to the chase when it comes to getting a date.

Does the whole process of online dating seem a little tedious? Have you sorted through many people who answered your resume and then gone out on a real live date that was a total failure? When that happens, it means a lot of work wasted. What if you just meet up with someone without all of the fuss and see if you like them or not? That is the point of new dating apps that cut to the chase.

However, dating apps have done more than just make dating more efficient. Dating apps have changed the face of modern dating. Regarding one of those changes, do apps kill the Saturday night date? The Observer asks if apps have killed the weekend date.

In the days before swiping right on a stranger led to a relationship, first dates were reserved for the weekends. Now, after work drinks have become de rigueur, especially in New York, where time is so valuable and people are so spread out (not to mention, spread thin). As a result, many singles feel uncomfortable giving up precious Friday and Saturday nights they could be spending among friends. The Observer spoke to singles to find out why spending a weekend with a stranger is far too much pressure.

On the other hand there are still people who only have first dates on weekends. The idea is that he or she is taking it seriously by giving up a weekend evening to meet someone new.

Saturday Night Date

The Saturday night date was traditionally the most important night reserved for the most important person.

A recent question is circulating in the online dating world. It has to do with what night is the official night for dates. At first glance this seems like a strange question. After all dates are dates and if you want to get to know the person and have a good time, one night might just be as good as the next. The consensus appears to be that a Saturday night date is an official date. This relegates going out on other nights to the category of meeting friends or meeting someone to see if they will later qualify for a Saturday night date. So, is a Saturday night date different than dating other on other nights? Here are a few thoughts on the subject.

So, Saturday night is the important night but if you live in the world of dating apps where you can meet whenever and wherever, you might find yourself guarding Saturday night for a few close friends or even a quiet night in front of the TV and a warm bath afterwards.

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