Do All Guys Want Sex on the First Date?

We often mention that sex on the first date is a common fantasy and for some a constant goal. But do all guys want sex on the first date? A web site named Last First Date has an interesting take on why all men want to have sex on the first date.

Men have shared with me that they almost always think about sex on a first date. They may not act upon it or say anything to you, but they are either attracted or not. If they’re not attracted, you won’t be asked out again. If they are attracted, they will probably want to make out with you and sleep with you after the 1st or 2nd date.

That doesn’t make men bad or lacking good values. It makes men MEN. They are simply acting on their attraction, while women often want more of a commitment before sleeping with a man.

The writer’s advice is this.

I believe you have to love yourself first and foremost. You have to know your relationship standards before you get involved with anyone. My general principle in dating is that if you have built a level of trust with a man and you honor yourself, it’s okay to become sexually active – when you are ready.

A man may want sex right away, but that doesn’t mean you have to give in to his request.

I advise my clients to wait for an exclusive relationship before sleeping with a man. It’s okay to be physically intimate in other ways if you like, but you need to be clear with your man about what your standards are.

If a guy is moving too fast, don’t discount him as an a-hole or a jerk. He’s attracted to you, but he may not have the finesse to be classy about it.

If you like the guy let him know. And then, you get clear with him. You take charge of your feelings and needs.

So, do guys want sex on the first date? If he finds you attractive the thought of having sex has certainly crossed his mind. However, the vast majority of men will only pursue sex on the first date if they are encouraged. If you absolutely do not want sex on the first date do not dress or act like you do. Remember what we said in our article about a hot first date.

A bright smile, a suggestive glance, and revealing garments can lead the way to a hot first date. Because of the chance that the first date will be a disappointment a women may want to wear a jacket over her revealing dress. If the encounter does not promise to be a hot first the date the jacket stays in place.

The point is that you can preserve the opportunity if you wish but decide when the time comes if you want sex on the first date or not.

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