Dealing with Gold Diggers

Guys, have you dated someone who only seems interested in your money? How did it work out? Did she take you for every cent that you had? Or did you misread her intentions and give up on the best woman that you ever met? Dealing with gold diggers takes awareness and maybe a little insight into your own thinking. And, dealing with gold diggers applies to women as well as men. Here are a few thoughts on dealing with gold diggers.

What Constitutes A Gold Digger?

Does expecting your boyfriend to pay at the restaurant constitute being a gold digger? Not really. Does trying to get him or her to set you up in a posh apartment and give you a sports car qualify? Probably does. How about asking for help with supporting his or her children? Paying for support of his or her mother? There are men and women both who come from poverty and never want to go back. They intentionally choose to date someone who is financially comfortable, a good provider. But, does that person intend to enter into a long term serious relationship or does he or she intend to take money and run. In the latter case we are dealing with gold diggers.

How Rich Is Rich?

Being rich is a matter of degree both for the guy, or girl, with money and for their girlfriend or boyfriend. There are trust fund babies with untold millions of dollars available to them and there are hardworking men and women who have earned enough for a comfortable life and a little for investment. The man or woman who did not grow up rich and does not have much or any money may see both trust fund babies and men or women with paychecks as rich.

Is There A Right To Expect Support?

A common relationship is one is which one person works outside of the home and the other takes care of the house and raises the children. The person working at home has the right to expect financial support. This relationship may extend to having worked while your husband or wife finished college. This is not dealing with gold diggers. These are normal relationships. It is when one person does nothing on their side of the bargain and expects increasingly large amounts of money and leaves when the money runs out that we are dealing with gold diggers.

Dealing With Gold Diggers

The first part of dealing with gold diggers is to identify them. More important for the person who finds himself or herself in a gold digger relationship is to believe that you are a worthwhile person aside from your money. All too often the person who successfully handles his business life and his investments finds himself believing that he needs to buy love and affection. The best advice for dealing with gold diggers is to avoid showing off your wealth. Go out and have a good time. Date for fun. When you find someone that you want to spend more time with move into the relationship a step at a time. If your boyfriend or girlfriend threatens to break up with you if you don’t pay for things it is time to find someone else. Remember that you are a good and attractive person aside from your money.

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