Dating Your Best Friend Is It Worth The Risk

Is it possible for a close friendship between a man and woman to last forever and a day? There is no doubt some benefits of having a male/female friendship compared to same gender friendships. These unique friendships allow both people to see behind the scenes, and into the minds and deepest thoughts of someone of the opposite sex, which can be invaluable for future life experiences.

Same sex friendships are special relationships. Sadly thought, life has a way of coming between these friendships in one way or another. The most common issue that can spell danger is the threat to an existing lover or potential partner. Sharing personal feelings with someone else of the same sex usually brings out insecurities.

And what about when a romantic connection develops within a friendship? Is it possible to maintain being “just friends” and not cross the line. Sometimes, the magnetic energy becomes so strong, crossing that line becomes a matter of when and not if. Those who consider they can still continue on as friends and conceal their romantic attraction are commonly broken-hearted romanticists who get by from day to day believing honesty and loyalty will see them through till the end – sadly, a reality checks is inevitable.

According to a recent publication in a New York lifestyle magazine, a survey revealed that opposite sex friendships are on the rise and reeking havoc upon existing fragile relationships. The internet and easy access to social networking and online dating sites is playing a significant role. What also makes the internet an attractive social outlet is the availability of free dating sites and free social networking options.

If you are single however, and find yourself developing feelings for your friend, as a friend, you need to discuss your feelings openly and honestly and work out what options are left to consider. Firstly, you can walk away, secondly you can weigh up the potential to pursue your friend for a romantic relationship.

Dropping a bombshell like this should be done so with a great deal of consideration. If you do decide to go after the pursuit of romance with your friend, do not try and force things too quickly. The best option you can take is to let there be some space between you both so you can digest this new possibility and allow a small amount of destiny to come into play.

Dating your friend can be very difficult terrain and you risk losing him or her as a friend or lover if you don’t get it right. You can’t help how you feel, and gravity has a way of ultimately uniting what is meant to be.

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Is DATING easier and more sexual for people in their mid 30s than early 20s?

I’m 21 and dating isn’t hard for me b/c I’m wealthy & can provide security for a girl but a lot of my friends without a good job & money who can’t provide security can’t get dates with girls.

I’ve noticed guys in their thirties with good jobs find girls to date easier & since the girls are older by then they tend to be more sexual. The girls seem more sexual at 30 than 19.

money shouldnt matter at all
no offence but you probably find it easyer because of the money but if you traded places with your mate for a night and went out would you still get the girl or would he???
i bet you will find that in years to come your mates would have found n married a `reall women in love` rather than a women in love with your money
you need to find someone that dosnt expect you to pay for everything or buy her gifts or flash your money

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