Dating Why Do Stunning Women Date Ugly Men

We give you the low down on one of the greatest mysteries in the dating scene – ugly men dating beautiful women. Here is your chance to get a sneak peek into the minds of men and women on this touchy topic.

The evidence of odd couples is everywhere – she is glamorous and he looks like he needs a major make over. We see these odd match ups everywhere we go, and if you’re like me and like to socialize on the weekends, these stunning/ugly hook ups are everywhere you look.

Just how true is the theory of good looking women being with ugly men in the name of ‘money’ Whilst seemingly it can often appear like “why else would she be with him” however there are other varying factors that bring together the beauty and the beast. Just how much influence does money have on a gorgeous woman to be with an unattractive man?

If you are not blessed with the best physical genetics, you need not miss out on dating beautiful women. Men are too quickly drawn into thinking that it’s all about looks and muscles. Given the choice, she would rather be with a man who is interesting, funny and confident as opposed to being with someone simply because he looks good – just ask any girl!

As with many things in life, we get stuck into thinking the same way about certain issues and topics that restrict our real potentials. By opening our minds and allowing the thought that anyone can date a beautiful woman will in fact see you achieve this very wish. One of the most wise pieces of information my dear old Dad gave me was to never assume anything about anyone, every person has their own set of rules and vices because no one is perfect, and that includes beautiful women.

The internet has countless examples of single women who are stunning and looking for relationships. It’s no secret that a pretty woman can go into any bar and walk back out with almost any guy she chooses. So why are there so many stunning women joining online dating sites ? It’s because deep down they are just like any ordinary person seeking real chemistry and a deep connection which is something that looks alone does not offer.

Women find the most unusual traits in men attractive. It’s sometimes the smallest things that us men would have never considered. Work on your self confidence and you too can be one of those ugly guys walking down the street arm in arm with a babe 🙂

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What radiometric dating techniques are used to date human fossils?

I am already aware of Carbon-14 Dating. What are the dating techniques available for dating human fossils that are older than 50,000 years?

Actually, radiocarbon dating is accurate out to about 60,000 years, 75,000 for scientists who really push it (they push it because the C-14 margin of error is very small). Archaeologists consider it good enough to be considered an absolute dating technique due to the a fore mentioned reasonably small margin of error.

Still, the earliest known fossils of modern humans are about 200,000 years old. Hominid fossils, representing ancestral human species, are even older. In the cases of the 200,000 old fossils, potassium-argon radiometric dating is used.

Finally, genetic investigations are used to follow the development of our ancestral hominid species, though this genetic data can be very difficult to come by.

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