Dating when You Are Disabled

Dating when you are disabled should be a natural part of your life. However, dating when you are disabled can be difficult. We looked around on the internet for useful advice regarding dating when you are disabled and here is what we came up with.

Advice From E-Harmony

The EHarmony dating site has a nice story about a couple who met and got past the issue of dating with disabilities.

Without a doubt, dating with disabilities presents demands that the majority of people don’t ever have to face. But as lots of men and women like [names removed] have discovered, just because a relationship is physically challenging, it doesn’t have to be your cue to run for the exits.

The article goes on to give three pieces of advice about crossing the dating with disabilities boundary. These are that:

  • Emotional attachment is totally possible even when parts of the body are missing or do not function properly.
  • It is wise to avoid being naïve about problem that disabilities entail in a relationship as dealing with these things requires accurate information and a clear head.
  • And, communication always helps. Talk about things and you gain perspective. Gain perspective and you can overcome most obstacles.

The couple that EHarmony features in their article have been married for well over a decade.

Recent Versus Long Term Disability

The folks at bring up an excellent point regarding dating when you are disabled. People who have been recently disabled are probably still coping with emotional issues relating to their sense of self and body image. This fact can complicate dating when you are disabled. These folks note that people who have lived with disability for many years find dating with disability easier as they

approach the dating scene differently. They’ve gone through a lot of difficult times and have come through the other side being a much stronger person. They are often more self-assured and independent than people who aren’t disabled.

And, do not make dates all about disabilities. A good meal is a good meal and  great movie is still a great movie and great conversation is still great conversation no matter what physical impairments you or your friend may have.

Tips and Advice – A Disabled Dating Guide

The Disabled Dating Guide offers this advice:

Use Your Disability to Your Advantage

Most of the time, [disabled] dating sites allow you to search for a date through categories related to your dating niche. That simply means the best course of action for you is to use the disability that you have to find the category that best suits you. Doing so will make it much easier for you to find someone who has the same disability as you do or one who is interested in dating someone like you.

In the end it is about relationships, communication and compatibility. Go out to have a good time. When things click you will be out on a date with the same person again and again. Let the relationship grow a bit at a time and dating when you are disabled can turn into a strong and lasting relationship.

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