Dating When The Man Is Ten Years Younger Than The Woman

How about dating when the man is ten years younger than the woman. Is it OK? Age is not an impediment to love.

Many relationships are based upon the couple being of the same age. Many are limited by what the families want. But, if one finds love and sexual attraction with an older man or younger woman it is not important how old each is. What are important are communication and a mutual agreement to start a life together.

In a relationship of differing age each brings their part to the relationship. The older partner brings experience and the often makes up in enthusiasm what they do not have in knowledge. Each person searches for company, companionship, understanding, a partner for life. If a couple finds joy and caring in their relationship, who is to say that it will not lead to a happy and joyful union over the years. Sometimes such a relationship is solely based on sexual adventure. So long as each is open and understands the nature of the relationship this is also OK.

When these relationships fail it is often more because of family and societal pressure than because of the nature of the relationship itself. It often takes strong people with strong personalities to endure criticism related to an unconventional relationship. In the end the heart can endure criticism if fed with love. A relationship tested often becomes a relationship that is stronger. Having to question why one is in a relationship and finding the answers is more than many can say after years of marriage. In the end dating when the man is ten years younger than the woman can work out just fine if love is allowed to grow and flourish.

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