Dating Someone Your Father Does Not Like

Dating someone your father does not like can be difficult.

Dating someone your father does not like need not be impossible.

You believe that you have found the man of your dreams. He is polite, kind, handsome, and downright sexy. He has a job and he wants to see you all the time. You think of him all the time with warm, sexy thoughts. But, your Father does not like him. What do you do?

This can be a problem for the young couple in love. When a person is just starting out in life they often live with their parents. They want to give their parents the respect that they deserve. They love their parents. However, the young person starting out in life also wants to make his or her own decisions, especially in regard to the person that they will live with the rest of their life.

You love your father and you respect him. He is hard working and takes good care of your mother and your brothers and sisters. However, he always wants to be in charge. There are times when living in his house is like being in the army. He gives orders and expects his orders to be obeyed. And now, he disapproves of your choice of a boyfriend. What do you do?

Running away with the young man of your dreams is probably the last thing you should do. Talking to your father and letting him get to know your boyfriend is at the top of the list. Fathers want to protect their little girls. You may be an adult living in your father’s house but he probably still sees you as his little girl.

A good solution to the dilemma of your father not liking your boyfriend is to spend time in the house with your boyfriend instead of always going out. Find excuses to leave your father and your friend along so that they can talk. It is very possible that they will come to like each other. This may be the best was to continue dating someone your father does not like at the current time.

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