Dating Someone You Met in a Bar

Going out for a drink with friends can result in an enjoyable evening. Dating someone you met in a bar can be a stroke of luck or a terrible mistake. How should you proceed when dating someone you met in a bar? Should you be careful and go slow or go for a hot first date with your new found friend? Is dating someone you met in a bar a great idea or something that you should forget about. With these thoughts in mind here a few ideas and advice regarding dating someone you met in a bar.

Where Do People Go To Socialize?

More often than not people go to a bar to socialize, relax with friends, or enjoy a game of darts or pool. Going out to get drunk is not the reason that the majority of people go to a bar. So, if you want to socialize and meet new people a bar can be a great place to go. Now, what if you meet someone special in a bar? How should you proceed? If what you want is casual sex that is always possible. If what you want is a lasting relationship that is possible as well. Depending on your goal is the approach the same? If you meet someone and enjoy each other’s company, and someone else is buying the drinks, it can turn into a . Because a bar can be a great place to socialize, strike up a conversation. Try not to be nervous and try not to talk continually. Encourage your new friend to talk about himself or herself. If you want to see the person again, don’t be too aggressive. On the other hand, if you want to see that person again make sure that he or she understands that you are interested in doing so. And, if sparks really fly, maybe you will have that hot first date, followed by a happy relationship!

Trouble In The Bar

We said up front that most folks don’t go to the bar to get drunk. But some do. And some may arrive without the intention of becoming inebriated but always end up drunk, argumentative, and even dangerous. If that is how things are shaping up with your new found friend rethink your strategy, get out of the conversation, and either find someone else to talk to, or for find a ride home. This is where meeting someone is a bar is a problem when the bar and booze are a problem for the other person.

Keep Your Head When Everyone About You Is Loosing Theirs

Alcohol is great for helping one relax. Unfortunately alcohol can relax inhibitions as well. To a degree this is great and then it becomes a problem. Dating someone you met in a bar can be difficult if this is someone that you would never have considered dating when you were totally sober. A good idea might just be to get the other person’s phone number, not give out yours, and reconsider dating someone you met in a bar after you sober up.

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