Dating Someone Who Is As Physically Active As You Are

You meet someone whom you like but as the relationship progresses you find out that they are a couch potato while you enjoy outdoor activities including long walks or playing tennis. How is that going to work out? The fact of the matter is that a happy relationship is more than a hot first date. There needs to be some compatibility in your lifestyles. If you are the couch potato it will be very lonely when your new friend continually leaves the house to go exercise and never talks to you. Now there is a dating app that helps you spot someone who is as physically active as you are.

Find Someone As Lazy As You Are

The Huffington Post tells us that a new dating app has come to the rescue. It matches you based on how lazy you are.

Lime, a brand new dating app, is the first to utilize Apple’s built-in Health app in order to match users based on their physical lifestyle. Lime gathers users’ daily steps info and analyzes the data to match users with potential dates who live a similarly active or sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately if your means of exercise is rowing or working out in the gym on weights you will score poorly compared to someone who runs a mile or two a day. On the other hand the things that the two of you do would take you apart anyway which seems to be the point of dating someone who is as physically active as you are. The point is that physical proximity matters in developing and maintaining relationships. One drawback is that you need an iPhone 5s or above to use the app to date someone who is as physically fit as you are.

Narrowing the Field Too Much

The thing about dating apps and online dating in general is that you try to widen your list of possible mates, and then narrow it with a set of criteria. We wrote about this last year in our article New Dating Apps Kill Mixed-Attractiveness Relationships.

Here is one more complaint about new dating apps. They kill the chance of mixed-attractiveness relationships. Think of the movie Roxanne with Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah. Hannah’s character, Roxanne, is a striking beauty whereas Charlie, played by Martin, has a huge nose which distorts his features. In the 1987 movie Roxanne comes to love intelligent, resourceful and poetic Charlie despite his unattractive looks when she gets to know him. That would never happen today if the two of them used dating apps!

Here is an example of how the physically active app might not work. You work at a computer in an office. You do get some exercise but don’t walk all day long. However, you meet this really interesting person who is an old style mailman who walks the neighborhood delivering mail door to door all day long. His or her step count is hugely greater than yours but both of you love to go to the movies and eat out. Unfortunately you will never meet this interesting person and potential love of your life because the activity-based dating app will have excluded them from your list of potential mates.

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