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When we think of online dating, it’s usually the mainstream sites like or rsvp that online singles tend to turn to. Online daters simply don’t look forward to the same old sign up routine ie: Register – sell yourself in your profile description – upload some photos – hope for the best. It’s like entering the lottery – your number will probably never come up!

When you speak to someone who has used an online dating site, common frustrations involve that lack of members that openly match their requirements. For example, if a guy is looking to have an affair and he openly states this in his profile on one of the mainstream online dating sites, the majority of women will be put off by this profile as they are more than likely seeking a standard romantic match up with a single guy. Cut through the frustrations of the regular dating sites and find your niche or fetish…

Ashley Madison.

Talk about brash! The founder is a Canadian businessman and the advertising pitch is “Life is short. Have an affair!” This cheating website has over 4 million naughty members worldwide and proves there is certainly room in the online dating industry for niche markets. And if you don’t or are unsuccessful in having an affair, these guys have a “no affair – no fee” money back guarantee. We’re not sure how Ashley Madison sets out to police this policy, or what process someone needs to go through to prove that they didn’t get laid!

Scientific Match.

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all, these guys go to amazing lengths to find compatibility. And what surer why than to extract DNA from potential couples before introducing them, therefore offer a higher chance of a chemical connection, and it’ll set you back $2000 for a life time subscription. It’s a pretty comprehensive form of matchmaking so it’s not bad value as opposed to being dumped among 10s of thousands of highly incompatible singles on plentyoffish. Here are some of the benefits of being matched the ScientificMatch way…

* Attraction through natural body fragrance of your matches.

* Women are more sexually enhanced and will orgasm more frequently.

* DNA matched women and men are known to remain faithful.

* Couples tend to have higher rates of fertility.

* Offspring have a better chance of leading healthy lives with a reduced possibility of encountering common diseases like cancer.

Women Behind Bars.

For the guys out there who worry their ladies will cheat on them with other men – worry no more. This online dating site stitches you up with a female criminal of your choice who is in full time incarceration. The catch is though (besides not being able to have sex with them) , that the ladies are not permitted to state why they have been locked up on their profile, and are only permitted to communicate via standard snail mail. Women behind bars has been receiving positive reviews from the male members. So is there a new franchise about to be launched into the dating market – ‘men behind bars’… We hope not!

No longer lonely.

Fasten your straight jacket, make sure you tell someone where you’re going, because this little beauty is way out there! If you are clinically insane, are a schizophrenic, suffer from delusions and paranoia, or how about any kind of mental illness, then log onto NoLongerLonely and browse through the singles profiles – what could possibly go wrong?

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How many dates do people nowadays wait to have sex when first dating?

I would say what is typical is within three dates. How long do people nowadays wait to have sex when first dating? When should you invite a guy over for the first time? How long should you wait before having sex for the first time? I would say within a month or six dates. We’re in our late 30’s. Thx.
Does it not work out into a relationship if you have sex within two weeks or four dates? Thanks.

Well it depends on the quality of the dates. If you connected and had deep conversation within three dates then that’s fine. If you go on ten dates and never had any real connection or spark, then why would you get in bed. Its really case-by-case basis. Another thing, at the age of 30s, usually its fewer dates especially if you hit it off from the start. The first date is never advisable because it might give the impression that that’s what you’re in for or that you sleep around too.

Having sex too early and then having a serious relationship should not affect the relationship. If both parties are serious about each other, time is not a factor, just feelings.

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