Dating On A Budget Youamp#039re Only Limited By Your Imagination

There’s no hiding from the doom and gloom knock on effect bestowed upon us thanks to an ailing economy, however let’s not let the silly economy spoil our dating fun. Even though we are all counting the pennies, our imaginations can still create some unique dating ideas that won’t break the bank.

Even though governments are having trouble balancing the books, nothing can take away the fact that nature is 100% free.

A clear sky on a mild summers night dotted with stars is about as cozy as you can get. Remember to watch out for the supreme sign of destiny – a falling star. All you need is a $10.00 bottle of wine, a blanket, and the night is yours.

Browsing is an informal way to get to know someone and offers lots of ideas to chat about. Go window shopping, visit a museum or an art gallery. There are loads of cool bookstores you can visit that can spark a conversation whilst flicking between pages.

How about a casual stroll to the local flea market. You’ll be able to easily engage in conversation about all the knick knacks you see at the stalls and could also jag a bargain or two!

Later on, hire a flick and make a night of it. Select the movie together, grab some popcorn, Coca Cola, put your feet up then cuddle up nice and close. Chilling movies are certain to get you to cuddle up even more – just wait and see!!

Fancy a day out to the wineries? For an inexpensive day out, where better to spend a romantic day than in lush picturesque countryside sipping fine wine.

For couples already in love and looking for an inexpensive way to spend quality time together, arrange your bathroom with perfumed candles, a glass of champagne, and calm, erotic music.

And for nervous couples who just met through online dating sites and are simply testing the waters, a picnic by the lake is a cheap dating idea although there is nothing ‘cheap’ about this style of getting to know someone.

A quote from The Free Dating Sites Review Directory summed it up like this: “The ideal way for a date to be successful is to act impulsively and come up with ideas together. Right from the start you and your date are getting to know each other before the date even starts, you are creating chemistry and mutual anticipation leading up to your big day out!

Dating on a budget? You’re only limited by your imagination…

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What method did creationists use to disprove the accuracy of carbon dating?

Bear with me…

From a quote I just read here today: Carbon dating has been proved to be wrong by several thousand years…

I see…

So what method did the creationists use that was more accurate than carbon dating in order to demonstrate this discrepancy? And wouldn’t that imply that we do, in fact, possess an accurate dating method?

P.S. I know carbon dating is no longer the main one, especially when it comes to much older specimens, but creationists seem to be generally stuck on these findings about the inaccuracy of carbon dating. That’s why I ask about that one.

I believe they are recycling the filth spewed forth by Kent Hovind when he misquoted research papers that say carbon dating doesn’t work… deep beneath the ocean where carbon 14 doesn’t come from the air, and thus animals appear much older than they really are.

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