Dating Numerous Women At The Same Time

For most guys, variety is the spice of life, right? And dating several women simultaneously is somewhat of a great accomplishment, just ask any man! Is the male species capable of monogamy or are they programmed at birth to be naturally promiscuous?


It’s evident that some women are also active players much like their male counterparts. However on the flip side, the majority of women seek long lasting romance with just one man whereby marriage and family is her main objective, but this idealistic outcome is hard to find these days!

Let’s not right the men off completely, there are wholesome and loyal men amongst us but they are a scarce find. The bar hopping singles scene is no more than a meat market, therefore, free dating sites have become the new ‘go to’ option for serious singles. When browsing online dating sites and singles profiles, you are granted a sneak peek into the minds of potential dates based on their dating profiles allowing you to assess whether they might be players or the real deal.

Casual sex has its advantages and disadvantages, many of them are obvious…


You make the shots. You become resistant to her little manipulations and obscured threats because, you have a backup plan are are not afraid of losing here. There is no need to deal with all her nonsense because you have a plan B. If she knows that her man is willing to walk away she will make a concerted effort to go the extra mile and give him what he wants.

You become a challenge. Given that you are in a position to be able to brush aside a woman and are not desperate for company makes you a great challenge.

Sex on tap. Plainly, with umpteen women, you have sex available any time you please. And for many guys, that is the best advantage of all.


Time consuming. Dating and romancing just one woman as a regular partner will take up a lot of time, so can you imagine how much time dating two or three at once would take? Not only is it time consuming, it’s clearly a lot of work! Then you need to constantly watch your back and cover your tracks to make sure you don’t run into your other mistress while on a date.

Expensive. Making two or three women feel special all the time can be a very expensive exercise. When you take into account dinners, lunches, hotels and motels, your credit card isn’t the only thing getting a vigorous work out.

You might lose your favorite girl! There is every chance you will start to develop stronger feelings for one lady ahead of the other, and you risk losing her if she finds out about your indiscretions, you scoundrel!

Be mindful not to spread an STD if you are sleeping around. Try to consider the consequences you could inflict if you spread it around. Holy-dooly!














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What dating method do they use to determine the age of really old fossils?

Yesterday there was news of a 3.3 million year old Australopithecus afarensis fossil from Ethiopia. I’m just curious as to how they ascertain the age. I know it’s not carbon-14 dating, that’s 2 orders of magnitude beyond its range. It’s been a while since I learned about this stuff, so thanks for refreshing my memory.

They measure the decay of other radioactive elements, not carbon. The half life of carbon 14 is only 15,000 years or so. For anything older than that they measure for example, how uranium decays into lead. The article below may help.

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