Dating Mistakes

Making the move to go out with someone for the first time can be very daunting. If you take measures to avoid common dating mistakes, you will have a relaxed and enjoyable time, and best off all, increase your chance of moving on to a second date with that person.

Dress Code

When the time comes for you to move your relationship from the online dating site, to the next level, the offline world, appearances become critical. Turning up for your date underdressed or overdressed could see you lose that vital first impression. When you are planning the first date, casually chat about what you will both be wearing. With this approach, there are no hidden surprises.

Avoid a Loud Environment

Getting to know someone in a noisy environment can be a deal breaker. It’s hard enough breaking the ice at the best of times, but having to contend with noise at the same time makes things much harder. On a first date, avoid busy restaurants and crowded bars, save this for your second or third date.

You Don’t Need to Spend a Lot of Money

Everyone loves to be spoiled and pampered, but trying to over impress on a first date sends the wrong signals. The occasion is about getting to know each other and assessing chemistry, not how much money you can flash around. The last thing you want to do is come across as materialistic and arrogant. Something sweet and simple like a picnic by the lake, or a stroll along the beach will set a relaxed mood.

Avoid Information Overload

If you notice you are bounding into the conversation as soon as your date starts to chat, remember this principle: You should ask at least 3 questions before telling your own stories. It’s crucial to maintain balance with the conversation, and be wary not to reveal too much about your personal life straight away – your date is there for romantic interests, not as your counselor. And besides, it’s wise to get to know someone’s personality in order to assess how he or she will respond to certain topics.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone!

In fact, leave it in the car! If you simply need to have it with you, at least turn it off. Rule number 1 when dating someone new, don’t answer your phone, and don’t text. If you get a missed call, it’s rude to even check who the missed caller is – just turn the thing off!

Don’t Drink Too Much

The nerves associated with dating can often lead to drinking just a bit too much before and on the date. Your date is there to get to know your real personality, not someone who hides behind his or her glass. On a first date, you need to put your best foot forward, so don’t risk getting drunk and saying or doing something you will regret.

Don’t Talk About Your Ex

We know we shouldn’t but many people can’t resist the urge to bring up the ex. Forget about talking about such issues and focus on the future. Be the person your date is hoping you will be – interesting, fun and self-assured.

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