Dating For Fun Versus Courting

Men and women looking for a long term relationship, marriage, and children need to meet someone first. Then they need to mutually decide that they like each other. Then they need to find out if they can live together over the long term. As we commonly say, dating should be fun. But if we think about long term relationships, how about dating for fun versus courting? It is perfectly acceptable to go out on a date with a man or woman simply to have an enjoyable evening. It is also perfectly OK to consider what attributes you want in a mate and start looking for the right person from day one. But, dating for fun versus courting need not be mutually exclusive. If you are going to live the rest of your life with someone you really want someone who is fun to be with. There are a set of skills that come with dating, going out with someone, courting. Go out with several people and learn what you need to know before trying to pick the person to spend your life with. Besides, while you are sorting through the list of possible mates you might as well enjoy yourself.

It’s OK To Date For Fun

Let’s say that you have met someone through an online dating service. You like their biography and think that they might just be the one for you. Then you go out and the person in front of you is not the person in the biography. One evening wasted if all you were trying to do was decide if this guy or girl fit your list of requirements. How about dating for fun versus courting on the first, or second, or third date? While you are going out in search of that special someone there is no rule that says that you cannot enjoy yourself.

Find Someone You Like To Be With

Dating for fun often leads to the best time and dating for fun often leads to the best relationships. Sometimes that check list you have written down or keep in your head is not all there is to finding that special someone. People can surprise us. Keep an open mind when you go out dating. And look for someone you like to be with. You will enjoy yourself and maybe decide that the attributes that you want in that special someone are staring you in the face from across the restaurant table. By dating for fun versus courting seriously from day one allows you to keep an open mind.

Not All Courting Has To Be So Very Serious

Maybe you only want to marry someone of your religious and ethnic background, someone with a distinct background, or someone with very special characteristics. The longer you make the list of requirements the harder it will be to find this person. In the meantime you may consider dating for fun versus courting. You will meet more people, widen your circle of friends, and possibly meet just the right person through one of your friends instead of online. When you meet the right person you will know it and in the meantime you will have a social life as well.

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