Dating During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is going through a once-in-a-century plague, the Coronavirus pandemic. But, life needs to go on and that means you still need online dating! Online dating has all sorts of advantages like being able to do a bit of screening before meeting someone face to face. And, today it means that you can maintain “social distancing” while still meeting and getting to know someone new! As bad as the news is every day, life will return to normal and that special someone whom you met online could become a hot first date and eventually a happy relationship.

Successful Online Dating

Most people use online dating in order to meet someone special and to provide more options in the dating world. To do this, especially in the current situation, you want to make a great first impression and always be honest so that when you do meet face to face you are not forced to backtrack! Online you create a good impression by doing simple things like checking your spelling, always being interested in the other person, and being thoughtful, understanding, and funny! The best success in dating and in online dating comes from being yourself, having a good time, and finding someone who likes what you like.

Dating and Coronavirus Scams

Every time there is a crisis the scammers come out to cause trouble. The news is full of false health claims, investment scams, and even dating scams. You are going online to meet someone who is fun and interesting. Your goal is to meet them in person, but for the time being all of your communications and interactions need to be electronic. What you did not sign up for is to rescue someone from virus causes unemployment or illness. It would be really unusual for someone to go on a dating site looking for help under such circumstances so you need to keep that in mind if your new “friend” wants you to send or loan money or provide your credit card numbers, etc. For a refresher, take a look at our 2015 article about how to date online and avoid being scammed.

If You Need Help, Be Careful on Online Dating Sites

Just like you would not expect someone you just met to be asking you to bail them out of financial problems, neither will someone expect that from you. If you are having serious problems talk to your lawyer, accountant, clergyman or other professional. First of all your new friend will lose interest if you appear to be looking for help instead of looking for a new friend and a good time. But also there is always a risk that you will fall into an abusive relationship with someone who senses your need and will take advantage of it and you, for the rest of your life! The best way to avoid such relationships is to like yourself, do things that you enjoy, and hang out with people who make you feel good about yourself.

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