Dating Dislikes

Since dating dislikes vary for each person, one person might have a dating dislike that might be a quality that appeals to someone else.  Having said that, there are some dating no-no’s that many people would agree on. Some of these are poor hygiene, dishonesty, bragging about money, arrogance, tardiness, being drunk, dressing badly, smoking, discussing former relationships and talking on a cell phone. There are numerous dating dislikes out there, but these are most common among men and women.

Having poor hygiene on a date is unacceptable. It is both unattractive and inconsiderate. Dates are seldom unplanned and last-minute, so it gives you time to get ready and show your best side. There are other things you must do to have good hygiene besides combing your hair and putting on antiperspirant. You can avoid hygiene issues by showering, washing your hair, shaving, brushing your teeth, applying deodorant, combing your hair, using perfume or aftershave and wearing clean, unwrinkled clothing. Freshly brushed teeth are essential because there’s nothing as unpleasant as kissing someone with offensive breath. Sad to say, hygiene is something that is frequently overlooked.

Not only is being late for a date unwise, it is also disrespectful to the other person. If you already know that you might arrive late, then let your date know as soon as you can; otherwise you will make them wait and wonder, which is rude and disrespectful on your part.

There are many dating dislikes regarding dating conversation. Telling lies is a major dislike; even one tiny lie could develop into a series of lies, with every one of them being discovered in the future. People sometimes fib while on a date so that they seem to live more exciting lives than they actually do, and to impress their date. It is best to be truthful and genuine; people will appreciate this and will be much more likely to respond to you honestly. If you lie in the beginning, this can destroy the relationship later on and you will lose the two most important factors of a wonderful relationship, being honest and trustworthy.

Boasting, particularly about finances, is an additional dating dislike regarding conversation. Bragging about yourself is something that no one really likes to listen to. It’s fine to discuss some of your achievements–just don’t get carried away. If you have a lot of money saved in the bank, don’t flaunt it. If the person you are with has less, your revelation may make him or her uncomfortable. You also open yourself up to gold diggers and others who may take advantage of you. Don’t act like you are somebody that you are not. Don’t act like you have a lot of money if it’s not true. Make sure the evening is affordable and remember that you want the person to get to know the real you.

If you can, try not to consume any alcohol on your date. It’s fine to have a small drink before a date, but excessive drinking is strongly discouraged. Slurring words, falling over and getting sick are things that nobody wants to see someone do. It is embarrassing to watch a drunk; it will be an agonizing experience for your date and certainly likely to ruin what might otherwise have been a pleasant experience. If you drink too much on a date, you are at risk of putting yourself at the mercy of a person you might barely know; it clouds your judgment and can even make you forget the whole evening. If drinking is something that you both enjoy, put that off for a future date when you are more familiar with each other.

It is very important to dress correctly for a date. Many people think it is okay to throw on any old thing to wear on a date, but this isn’t acceptable dating behavior. Your date should remember you as fun, happy and good looking, not what clothes you were wearing. Wearing expensive clothing is not a prerequisite; at the same time, though, avoid putting on your exercise clothes. Your choice of clothes should show that you made an effort. I do not advise you to dress inappropriately for a date. You have time to plan ahead and choose appropriate clothing; casual clothing for a sporting activity, or more formal dress for a formal venue. Also, don’t wear an outfit that shows too much or is too short or too binding, specifically if you are female; doing so could make you appear cheap and you could cause others to get the wrong idea about you. Whenever you go on a date, it is better to err on the side of being too formally dressed than the opposite because that will show that you made an effort to look nice.

Discussing former partners and talking on your cellular phone are two mistakes that are commonly made during dates. There is a universal dislike of hearing about somebody else’s ex-partner, so avoid discussion of that entirely. The reason you are dating is to get to know somebody different, not to reminisce. Your date may also become uncomfortable if you spend time on your cell phone. While this behavior is impolite and annoying, the worst part is that it shows that you do not respect your date. You’re there to spend time with your date, and not to chat or text your friends. Good manners require that your mobile be turned off or muted and put away.

Smoking polarizes people; some are for and others are against it, making it a disputable dating dislike. Smoking may not be an issue if you both do it. There may be problems, however, if one of you is a smoker. There are many people who find smoking to be a disgusting habit and dislike the smell of cigarette smoke, so if you smoke and your date does not, try to keep your smoking to a minimum.

Many people are unaware that they are guilty of these dating dislikes and frequently things turn out alright. But it would be better if on your next date, you demonstrate that you respect both yourself and your date by not falling into these abhorred dating dislikes.

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