Dating Customs

In more primitive times or early ages, there was no such thing as dating or courtship based on how we know it today. The main tradition was for men to seize their wife! The men would raid towns and villages and literally capture the woman they chose.

Many of dating customs evolved in non-modern times by the concept of chivalry. It is these old traditions where modern dating evolved and men are often expected to pay for the date and open the door for his date out of respect. In 1228, women were given the right to ask for a man’s hand in marriage.

It was not until the mid 1800s that romance and love was a main factor for a successful relationship. The principals of dating were intolerant and staunch. How things would play out in the early days is that both men and women used cards and their names would be indicated on the cards. In an elaborate courtship ritual, it was customary for chaperones to come with couples on dates.

In today’s modern societies, how things have changed! Dating customs of the early times would never be an acceptable practice now days. However this can vary depending on what part of the world you come from.

In Australia, it is acceptable for women to ask men out and even split the dinner bill or even pay the full amount for the date. This tradition is becoming a wide dating concept throughout many western countries.

In Europe, boys and girls quite often go out with a group of people, or group dates. This concept provides a more casual atmosphere, and if there is a mutual attraction between two people it is common for them to split away from the group to get to know each other further.

In some Middle Eastern countries, Iran for example, dating outside marriage is a forbidden practice. Girls and boys are never allowed to exchange contact or communication until the time their marriage takes place which is arranged by their parents. Afghanistan also follows the same concept of dating and marriage.

Many Asian countries such as Korea and Japan leave dating and socializing with the opposite sex until later in life when they have completed their studies and college.

In South America, Brazil for example, dating in groups like the Europeans do is not common. Men and women tend to date for long periods before they marry.

Chinese dating customs and traditions usually see men and women starting to date when they are in their twenties. It is common for single Chinese people to only have romantic relations with 0ne or two people prior to getting married. With the many traditions within China, arranged marriages are not unusual. In some Asian countries , it is common for newly weds to live together with one set of parents – deciding which set of parents has been known to cause friction between the associated families.

Dating customs, relationships and marriage are a big part of any culture, however the processes vary considerably depending on culture and traditions of your home land.

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