Dating Again After Divorce

Relationships do not always last forever and marriages too often end in divorce. But, we all need companionship and we all would like to have a little fun in life. So, for the divorced person, how does one go about dating again after divorce? This issue can be complicated by finances, children, work, and issues in the wake of a painful separation. The most common advice one often hears is not to start too soon or expect too much. Too often men and women jump right back into a bad relationship when dating again after a divorce. Here are a few suggestions to help smooth the road for those dating again after divorce.


Beware the dreaded rebound. If you are just dating again after divorce and the whole thing was a terrible experience, take a little time to get readjusted before jumping into a new serious relationship. Look to have a good time, a little conversation, and nothing that leads too quickly back to where you just came from.


Dating again after divorce can be tough if you are taking care of little children you need a baby sitter when you go out. If the person you are dating does not have children this may be a problem if they want a “less complicated” relationship. A single man may not want to take on the responsibility of children and may only want a “casual” relationship. Decide what you want. If you are not ready for a new long term relationship go ahead and have a little fun and be sure to protect yourself. If you want a husband or wife to help you raise your children make sure that the person you are dating knows that.


After a divorce you may be perpetually short of cash. Remember that not every date needs to be at a fancy restaurant. Coffee shops, museums, and walks in the park are all good ways to spend time with someone whom you are getting to know. In fact, keeping monetary expectations low may be a good way to judge if the person you are dating is interested in you or only in your money.

Painful Memories

If the relationship you were in ended badly you may be hesitant to start dating again after divorce. Here is where social occasions are good. Get out with people and really “date” anyone. You will feel better and perhaps meet someone whom you can date comfortably. Take it slow and easy. There is no law that says that you have to jump right back into any relationship.

Embracing Life Again

Part of dating again after divorce is embracing life. Too often the end of a relationship leaves us with sadness, regret, and a loss of self-esteem. Dating again after divorce is an affirmation of that fact that life can be good and that you are an attractive and interesting person. So, if it has been a while since you were divorced and you find yourself spending the nights in front of the TV set, get going and meet someone and go out for a good time. The rest may well take care of itself.

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