Dating Advice from the Crowd

Two sisters provided advice for the lovelorn via the newspaper starting in the mid-20th century. Pauline Phillips was Dear Abby and her older sister was Ann Landers. If you had problems in dating, problems in your relationship or problems with family you could write to Dear Abby or Ann Landers and perhaps have her advice to you published nationwide. Today Ms. Phillips’ daughter, Jeanne, handles the task of being Dear Abby. Today in the era of online dating and dating apps the process has changed. Now you can get dating advice from the crowd. Yep, you can crowd source your dating dilemmas with the Jyst dating app, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

For the past few years, the modern dating world has been largely ruled by an influx of addictive yet disappointing dating apps à la Tinder or apps promising to be “like Tinder BUT”. ​But now, there’s finally a new breed of dating app here to help guide the single people of 2015—without having to swipe left or right. Enter Jyst, the first-ever decoder app that crowdsources dating advice anonymously. The app lets users pose their dating dilemmas or questions that will then be decoded and advised upon anonymously by users across the globe. So instead of screenshotting every text and email from him to ask your best friend, mom, or co-worker “What does his text mean?” or “Is he into me?” now you can pose the question to an entire platform anonymously and receive real feedback.

With Jyst the entire world of users of this app will be your personal Dear Abby! Our question is this. Is dating advice from the crowd a good idea?

Who Gives the Best Advice?

When you have an issue with dating there are many people who will be glad to give you advice. But, you want good advice and not mixed dating advice from the crowd. You can talk to your best friend, your sister or our mother. Or you can ask advice from a total stranger. Getting advice from a lot of total strangers is what you are getting with dating advice from the crowd with Jyst. Cosmopolitan recently published 12 dating dos and don’ts about dating in New York. Perhaps the most important advice has to do with setting standards with which you are comfortable.

“Everyone says they have standards for how they want to be treated because it’s fashionable to say, but they only have standards with people they don’t give a shit about. When they like somebody, standards tend to go out the window. I’ve seen it done even with the strongest women. The thing that actually makes a guy settle down is when a woman comes along who has a different set of standards than the other women he’s met. Then she immediately becomes unique.”

Add to your list of standards that you will not let perfect strangers confuse you with conflicting bits of dating advice.

Do You Have Time for This?

If you sign up for Jyst you will not only be able to crowd source your dating issues but you will be able to give advice to any and all folks who use the app. There are people who want to the new Dear Abby and who will love checking their app every two minutes to see who is asking for advice. But the question you need to ask yourself is if you really have time for this. Setting limits is one of the healthy things that adults do. Being part of dating advice from the crowd on an eternal standby basis should be off limits as you pursue your own happy relationship.

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