Dating Advice for Executives

You have worked hard and denied yourself many of life’s pleasures. Now your hard work has paid off and you have reached the executive ranks of a large company. Your skillset is recognized and you could probably name your price in getting a job anywhere in your field. But, your nights are lonely and you would like to share your good fortune with someone other than your cat. Maybe you were married once but your job took all of your time and your significant other found someone else. You may even be raising a child while rising through the executive ranks but would like someone to help with things and put a little emotional and sexual spark back in your life. Maybe you are a woman and your biological clock is ticking and you think that maybe you want to have a child. And maybe you just want a hot first date with someone from time to time. Thus begins our dating advice for executives.

Political Correctness and Who You Can Realistically Date

The first issue in dating advice for executives is finding someone to date. You work all of the time and the people you know either work for you or are business associates. The days when a male executive dated and married his secretary are largely gone. The same applies for women executives. Dating someone who works for you presents too many potential problems. So, where do you go to meet someone? Business meetings and associations, not surprisingly, offer many opportunities as you will often find people of your sexual preference who have the same issue you do. You will also encounter people in your age range and with similar backgrounds. Both men and women may fantasize about re-entering the dating game and finding a young, attractive, hot sexual partner. If what you are looking for is only sex this may work out. But for a relationship to work out the two of you need to have more than sexual attraction in common.

You Executive Experience Can Help in Dating

It is a truism that confidence wins in dating . Men and women alike are drawn to self-assured people. No one is looking for a lot of drama in a partner. Rather someone who knows what he or she wants and goes about getting it quietly, in a businesslike manner, and successfully is attractive to both sexes. So, confidence wins in dating. The confidence, careful planning, and hard work that got you your current job required skills that will help you in the dating world. Good dating advice for executives is to retain the confidence that you have in the office when going out with that special someone.

And Routinely Being in Charge Can Be a Bad Thing

If your management style relies heavily on bossing people around you may have big problems in the dating world. A good way to avoid arguments while dating is to avoid being bossy in the first place. Excellent dating advice for executives is to remember that you are looking for a partner in life, someone to share things with, and someone to build a life with. Proceed accordingly and you will probably be successful and happy in the end.

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