Conversation and preparation tips for dating

To avoid the embarrassment of un-comfortable silences when you are dating, its a great idea to have some back up conversation pre-planned to keep things running smoothly. People respond well when you ask questions about them, something that they are familiar with. Try not to come across self absorbed and show genuine interest in your date. As the conversation unfolds your date will have the opportunity to reciprocate and find out a little about you. Conversations flow easily when you both show interest in each other.

Preparing for your date.

Research some of your dates likes and dis-likes which is also handy for conversation topics. Do a little ground work by asking some of your mutual friends and associates what they like so you can focus on things you may have in common. Knowing what food they like will get the night off to the right start. If someone you are dating is a vegan you don’t want to end up at a steak house. Find out about your dates hobbies, whether they are a sports nut, perhaps they play an instrument. Whatever they are into, having some inside information about them will have you both chatting for hours. There is no faster way to end a date than long periods of silence.

Unfortunately, not all of us singles have the opportunity to gather details about our date prior to the big night out. This is where your pre planned conversation comes into play. Chat about something funny that happened to you recently at work or with friends, perhaps talk about where you both went to school, what movies you have both seen recently, favourite holiday destination, where they grew up or even ask them about the worst date they have ever been on. Use these topics to further elaborate into smaller details opening the door to conversation.

Offer compliments. Everyone loves to be complimented and its a great ice breaker allowing for some innocent flirting if you can feel some chemistry building. Use phrases that are flattering such as “fantastic” “amazing” or “wow” avoid including the words “good” or “nice” when you are trying to genuinely compliment someone.

The first date is often the hardest not to mention the pre date nerves, dating them the second time around is alot easier, you will have learnt so much about them on your first date you can plan something you will both enjoy.

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How do you start dating someone in a band?

Like if you have ever dated someone in a band how did you start dating? Now I’m mainly talking about sorta popular bands. I mean did you meet at a concert or what? Tell me all the info! Thanks! 🙂

I am i a band and i get girls coming up to me all the time who i forget about the next day. Don’t come accross all emotional with a band member, come across normally and try and get into a relaxed conversatio with them. Just act chilled and act like your talking to a normal person, trust me, they will appreciate it.

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