Continual Flirting Can Confuse a Relationship

Does your friend, old or new, hug you just a little too long? Does he or she make a point of smiling or winking when no one else can see? He or she is probably flirting. Now, how long has this been going on? Is your old friend interested in a different relationship? Is your new friend afraid to move to a new level? In fact, continual flirting can confuse a relationship. There is a normal progression to intimacy in any relationship and, if the relationship is never going to be physically intimate, continual flirting can confuse a relationship with someone who simply is a good friend. Continual flirting can confuse a relationship with someone who would like an intimate relationship as well. Just what does he or she want? Please say something! Take me out on a hot first date or at least tell me that you are interested! With potential confusion of relationships in mind here are a few thoughts about flirting and relationships.

Someone You Have Recently Met

A wink or smile, a suggestive glance, or a hug that gets a little too personal are all forms of flirting. That person that you just met is probably hinting that he or she would like a closer relationship. Typically in this situation the person is looking for a hint from you that you would like to explore a closer relationship as well. You can say yes in this case by flirting back or by suggesting that the two of you go out on a date. You can refuse by not flirting in return which is usually sufficient. If it is not you need to say clearly that you are not interested as continual flirting can confuse a relationship. Remember that flirting is not one the best romantic date ideas. It is only a way of hinting that you are interested.

Continual Flirting

Continual flirting occurs for a couple of reasons although, basically it occurs because one or the other or both persons just do not get it or because one person or the other is not available. If he or she flirts with you and you flirt back the situation should advance to a real date. If all that happens is that he and she flirt back and forth there is a problem. Maybe both persons are incurably shy. If that is the case one of the other needs to overcome his or her shyness and say something. Maybe one or the other is in a relationship or even married. He or she is flattered by the other person’s attentions but has no intention of damaging his or her permanent relationship. At this point continual flirting can confuse a relationship because it distracts one person from a permanent relationship and offers false hope to the other. Remember that communication leads to lasting relationships whether romantic or not. Continual flirting only leads to confusion.

An Old Friend

What happens when someone you have known for a long time suddenly seems to be interested in more than a friendship? Continual flirting can confuse a relationship here as well. It may well be that the two of you were always destined for romance. If the two of you think that might be the case it would be wise to acknowledge that possibility and start going out together to explore the possibilities. If that is not the case then the one who is doing the flirting needs to back off because continual flirting can confuse a relationship.

What Do You Do With Someone Who Is Truly Clueless

If someone who flirts with you and you are not interested do not encourage them. If they continue to flirt please let them know directly. Some people are truly clueless. They may think that continual flirting is how to make a great first impression. They like the feeling that they get from flirting and may even think that others of the opposite sex enjoy their flirting. At some point this sort of person becomes very tiresome. Let him or her know that you are not interested and that you would like them stop.

But, do not forget that flirting is OK. A wink, a smile, a warm embrace when unexpected can lead to wonderful things in life. Just remember that continual flirting can confuse a relationship when the flirting goes nowhere.

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