Confidence is the answer for successful dating

They say that those with drop dead gorgeous physical appeal are truly blessed. Whilst this is true, it fades into insignificance compared to someone that has a sophisticated and confident personality. If you are lucky enough to possess good looks as well as self confidence then you have the world at your feet.

As things go, we have little choice as to what we look like, (with the exception of plastic surgery) what we do have though is a choice of being a confident person if we so chose. Certainly some people are gifted in this area and operating in a confident manner comes naturally. In today’s competitive world there is a common saying ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’ Confident people will come right out and ask or comment without giving it any thought hence seizing an opportunity when it becomes obvious, or ‘striking while the iron is hot’ because if you don’t you will surely miss your chance as you watch that beautiful girl walk in the opposite direction, or you miss a small window of opportunity to close a deal at work as a result of hesitation.

Truly though, these people you see who can so naturally have anyone eating out of the palm of their hands achieve this by capitalizing on an opportunity and instinctively knowing when to strike. Anyone can do it, there are services such as life coaching that can whip your self confidence into line. Once you start to build on your self confidence you will notice how the world will not seem so much of a challenge anymore.

Self confident singles are always dating someone new. This applies to any kind of romantic scenario whether it be at a singles bar, dating someone you have met through friends, perhaps there are available singles where you work. For singles that are not genetically blessed with the gift of the gab and are taking measures to improve this, visit a few dating sites. Online dating sites are the ideal way to test your new found self confidence. And do not make the mistake of hiding your online dating venture from your friends through feeling embarrassed by resorting to dating sites to get hitched. In fact do the opposite, tell every person you know and be proud and confident as you do so.

Expressing your true feelings and thoughts out loud has alot to do with self confidence and is a good rule of thumb to fall back on. Remember its all about seizing an opportunity when it presents itself. Being a successful person is much like competing in anything, you need to be at your best to get the right result.

What percentage of your dates come from online dating sites?

I would say most of my dates (80-90%) come from online dating sites since it is more convenient (although I do not want to be dependent on it). However, some sites are riddled with spammers, so it definitely has it’s faults.

The traditional way of meeting people (face to face at parties, etc.) is still probably preferred.

What is your take on this? Which method do you prefer and what proportion of your dates come from online sites?


i met my hubby on
and we do date daily

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