Christmas Dating

The holiday season can be a difficult time for relationships but how about Christmas dating? What does it mean if the man or woman of your dreams invites you to spend the holidays with his or her family? Will his or her family start to ask personal questions? Remember the old saying that the acorn does not fall far from the tree. Having the opportunity to observe you future in laws can provide useful insights as to what you will be getting into if you marry your special someone. And, what if he or she is a lot less affectionate when you are with family? Does that mean that he or she does not love you after all? Or does it mean that he or she has not told her family that the two of you are routinely enjoying a sexual relationship? If the two of you have just met and have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do over the holidays Christmas dating allows both of you to avoid being lonely. It can be just the right time to snuggle up in front of a fire, the television, or under the covers to keep each other warm.

There Are a Lot of Things to Do Besides Shopping

Although you may be wishing for a hot first date, Christmas dating may be difficult as many people are very busy and preoccupied. Remember this when Christmas dating and don’t put excessive demands on your new found friend. If he or she is stressed out over the holidays Christmas dating is a good time to relax, take a breather from the mad rush, and for each of you to talk a little about what is going on and how much you are both wishing that the holidays were over. Although the entire world seems to be shopping over the holidays window shopping is allowed. There are lots of great displays and there are commonly many free events, concerts, displays and other things to attend and enjoy. To the extent that you have just met someone and want to keep it simple on the first date, Christmas dating by strolling around and taking in the Christmas displays may be just the thing to break the ice, so to speak.

Speaking of Ice (Skating) or Snow (men)

Ice skating, if that is your thing, is a fun winter activity. It is also somewhat romantic if the two of you can stay upright, arm in arm, for a few circles of the skating rink. I neither of you is a skater it is still fun to watch those who are. Other Christmas dating adventures might include sledding down a not too steep hill, cross country skiing if facilities and equipment are available. And, of course, the ultimate in romantic Christmas dating activities is to build a snowman together. Think of all those romantic movies in which he and she build a snowman and end up romantically intertwined by the fire afterwards. Good activities after “walking in a winter wonderland” include a cup of hot chocolate, ideally at his or her place as the roommate has left town!

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