Christian Singles Dating and Sex

God would not have made sex gratifying if he had not intended for it to be savoured. Some denominations are against sex, relishing sex inside wedlock or engaging in sex that both man and women are comfortable with. The christian Bible does not distinctly specify what represents ok sex, acceptable sex or explicate what sexual acts ought make one feel guilty.

It’s presumed by most churches though that well-behaved christians do not have sexual activity on a first date, do not undergo multiple sex mates, do not cheat on their dating better half and do not have sex with different people’s partners.

Many sexual behaviours are forbidden by all christian faiths including adultery and sex with someone else’s partner. In fact the Holy Scripture goes a step further in stating not only should you not undergo sex outside of your wedlock but you should in addition to not have lustful ideas.

Word of God is also clear about fornication – premarital sexual relations. It is a no no – however some people find this natural and overpowering. Numerous christians feel ashamed about the aftermaths of their early promiscuity.

Other illegal practises are homosexuality, bestiality and incest. Homosexual priests are nowadays accepted in some christian churches – christian sex practice of law seems to be a target. Some people state that they are christians, however they are not inevitably godly in their processes.

Dating christian singles is a safe way to pass on the strength to abstain and to remain within the christian dating regulations.

The best manner for a Christian to start dating is to avoid situations where they’ll be influenced. Christian dating is oftentimes carried out in public spots.

The internet is a great way for christians to find each other. Online dating sites for singles looking for christians are common and can be a great starting point for these singles searching for a like minded partner. Christian singles chat rooms can also be easily found online.

To be risk-free and to be a dependable christian when dating needs a few basic principles – most boil down to respectfulness for yourself and your spouse – don’t have sex with multiple partners, just do what your partner is at ease with, enjoy it and give thanks to god for his gift, want only your spouse and try to help them to enjoy you as well.


As pethetic as it might sound I only reasondly went on my second real date in my life (I did have boyfriends before I’m not that bad) with this very nice guy. I’m 19 and he is 21. I’m all confused at how it is suppose to work and what is suppose to happen, when is it suppose to happen….. I’m not always a patient woman but I can wait if I have to or want to. I am not looking for SEX but a hug or a kiss whould be nice. We went on our second date on Friday night and I met his co-workers… PLEASE HELP AND EXPLAIN HOW THIS DATING THING (GAME) WORKS!!!!!

Just give in to fate and enjoy the ride..a little flirting cant hurt!

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