Choosing Between Two Men That You Love

Choosing between two men that you love is the stuff of romance novels. In real life it can be difficult. In real life the results can be excellent or not very good. Choosing between two men that you love may or may not easier if you love one a lot more than the other. A typical romance novel situation is that the woman loves the poor man but must marry the rich man to save her family from poverty. A more realistic situation is that there are a lot of great guys in the world and the lucky girl who has two of them interested in her will eventually have to choose.

With romance novels as well as real life in mind we offer a few hints to help you, poor girl, at the task of choosing between two men that you love.

  • Pick The One Who Makes You Smile: Which one makes you smile the most? Which one makes you smile when you just think about him? We all deserve a little fun in life. It makes the tough times easier to overcome. And, don’t mistake happiness with things for happiness being with him. Pick the guy who makes you smile the most.
  • Think About Your Future And How Each Man Might Fit In It: Remember that it is your life that stretches out in front of you, not his. If you are dating a guy who is totally immersed in his life there may not be any room in the relationship for your life. Married life requires a lot of compromises. Don’t start out by giving away your hopes and plans for the future. They may be hard to get back. Pick the guy who gives you a little breathing space.
  • Kick The Tires And Choose The One That Will Need Fewer Repairs: Think about buying a car. Would you buy the clunker that will likely break down as you drive out of the car lot? If the answer is no, then don’t pick the guy who you think you need to change in order for him to be the guy you want to spend your life with. Men are harder to repair than used cars and attempted repairs can take a lifetime. In choosing between two men that you love pick the guy who is already the way you like him.
  • Choose The Man Who Is Most Present In Your Life: Many men are hard workers and good providers. This kind of guy can give you a sense of security, physical as well as financial. However, he might not be emotionally present in your life. We all need someone to care about us and we all need someone to tell us that they care. A husband who gone most of the time may pay the bills on time but may leave an empty place in your heart. Pick the guy whose first choice is being with you.
  • Select The Guy Who Always Surprises You: Married life gets boring after a while. In choosing between two men that you love think about which one always surprises you. It may be an unexpected gift or act of kindness or something that you would never have imagined. Someone who surprises you now will likely keep doing so and make you happy over the years.

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