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Pandemic Dating Tips

How can you safely keeping dating during the Covid-19 pandemic. Life has taken such a turn as we stay six feet apart, wear masks, and avoid crowds. As the pandemic goes on it has become clear that even with vaccines coming available in the next few months we will be in this situation for at least another year. Although no one wants to catch a bad disease, relationships are important and we need to find ways to maintain them despite the current situation. With that in mind, here are a few pandemic dating tips.


How to Know if He Loves You

You have been dating a guy and like him. You can see your way towards being in love but how about him. How to know if he loves you too is important if you want to take the relationship to the next step.


Surviving Separation from the Love of Your Life

We have recently focused our writing on dating and the covid-19 pandemic. Luckily, online dating still works at this time to meet people and get to know them through chats, emails, and even phone calls. As we have noted, there are issues with dating safety and especially sex during the covid-19 era. But, there is also the problem of surviving separation from the love of your life. You have developed a close relationship and he or she was traveling for work, the military, or simply for fun when the pandemic hit. Now the two of you are separated as travel is restricted between countries and even within the boundaries of nations. This is not a new situation in the world. Wars, economic circumstances, political issues, and social unrest have caused many to be separated in the past and they survived.


Can You Get Covid-19 by Having Sex?

As the covid-19 pandemic continues abstinence becomes more difficult. Can you get covid-19 by having sex? Sex is a normal part of life and relationships and certainly can make it easier to endure the social distancing that keeps us away from our friends and associates. We break down our advice into two categories, sexual partners […]


When Will It Be Safe to Date Again?

When the coronavirus finally begins to burn itself out, society will start to open up. When will it be safe to date again?


How to Manage a Long Distance Relationship

For years people have dealt with long term relationships. Men went off to wars like World War II and did not come back for years. Men and women often go off to college and leave their boyfriends and girlfriends behind. Knowing how to manage a long distance relationship is important for keeping the spark of […]


Dating During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is going through a once-in-a-century plague, the Coronavirus pandemic. But, life needs to go on and that means you still need online dating! Online dating has all sorts of advantages like being able to do a bit of screening before meeting someone face to face. And, today it means that you can maintain […]


Best Dating Advice Ever

We frequently write about where to get good dating advice. To a degree, what passes for good advice will depend on what, specifically, you are looking for. Do you want a hot first date? If this is your goal, you will need flirting tips and French kissing tips as well as advice about sexy ways […]


Best Free Online Dating Sites

With the rise of the internet as a means of communication and social interaction, online dating sites followed quickly. Young people who have never had a relationship use online dating as do those who have had relationships that failed. Widow and widowers are using online dating sites to find romance again after losing a lifetime […]


What Is a Successful Date?

Most of us would say that a hot first date qualifies as a successful date. But, how about when you date someone, decide that you don’t like them, and learn something about yourself in the process? What is a successful date? The “definition” of a date is when people meet socially with the intent of […]

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