Can You Keep a Secret I Joined an Internet Dating Service

Some of the problem today’s busy singles encounter is finding the time and motivation to pursue a love life. Internet dating and chat rooms offer busy people the chance of beating the time restraint challenges in main stream society.

Often after a hard week at work, many of us just feel like relaxing and forgetting about our daily challenges. Mustering up the energy to go to bars searching for singles after a long week is difficult to sustain week in week out. Family duties also minimize our free time and also reduce opportunities to meet singles.

There really is no excuse these days not to utilize modern day technologies and try chat rooms and internet dating. Participating in chat rooms and internet dating to find singles totally eliminates many issues that hinder our opportunities to meet singles within main stream society. There is no longer time issue restraints as the internet permits us to chat to many people in a short space of time. Members can browse through profiles and get right down to the nitty gritty.

So why does internet dating have the tag of desperation or isolation? Its a stigma which seems to have stuck however many singles these days are not perturbed or put off by judgmental people who consider themselves above the internet dating concept. Some would have us think that if you are not able to pick up a guy or girl without a very cool pick up line to impress your friends whilst out at a club, then you must be a loser for using internet dating and chat rooms. People with this way of thinking can sometimes be associated with having a materialistic view on life.

A lot of singles new at internet dating say that this avenue of meeting singles has sharply elevated their social circles and sex lives. Chat rooms offer the user the chance to assess their latest internet friend within minutes and takes away the awkwardness of having to sometimes tell them your not their type face to face. Chat rooms allow you to be sure there is a mutual attraction prior to meeting in real life. The feeling of rejection is some what reduced when mingling on an internet dating site.

Whilst the non internet dating singles who consider themselves to cool to utilize this fantastic and easy to use social tool, the internet dating scene is growing in popularity and time restricted singles are finding happiness.

Access is another advantage that makes internet dating attractive. There are hundreds of dating sites on the internet and some are even free to use. Realistically, online dating is here and its here to stay and anyone can do it, so for certain people who are too proud to join up they are truly eliminating a massive singles market.       

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Is DATING easier and more sexual for people in their mid 30s than early 20s?

I’m 21 and dating isn’t hard for me b/c I’m wealthy & can provide security for a girl but a lot of my friends without a good job & money who can’t provide security can’t get dates with girls.

I’ve noticed guys in their thirties with good jobs find girls to date easier & since the girls are older by then they tend to be more sexual. The girls seem more sexual at 30 than 19.

money shouldnt matter at all
no offence but you probably find it easyer because of the money but if you traded places with your mate for a night and went out would you still get the girl or would he???
i bet you will find that in years to come your mates would have found n married a `reall women in love` rather than a women in love with your money
you need to find someone that dosnt expect you to pay for everything or buy her gifts or flash your money

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