Can Trump Make Dating Great Again?

During the 2016 presidential election campaign it was apparently a deal breaker to tell your new friend that you were a Trump supporter. A Trump supporter created Trump Singles as a safe space for Trump supporters to find each other and link up. The tag line, make dating great again, was a natural. After Trump surprised the world and won the election the dating site has seen its membership go up. Oxygen questions if the site will in fact make dating great again.

Trump Singles has about 12,000 active users. The site is free but only members who pay $4.95 per month can send unlimited messages.

“It’s been working out for some people,” says Goss. “For some people, going on dates and finding out that they supported Trump was a deal killer. That’s not the case for our users.”

Politics has become a popular topic during dates. During the election, dating app Bumble added custom filters so that users could identify themselves by political party.

Apparently signups are increased since the election. Our question is whether or not picking someone of your political affiliation is the way to go.

A Variant of Speed Dating

Narrowing down your dating choices by political preference is similar to speed dating events limited to your religious or cultural affiliation.

Speed dating is only a little over a decade old but formal events that allow people to meet have a long history. Formal dancing, coming out parties, and various cultural functions allow young men and women to meet in neutral, and often chaperoned, settings. The point is to allow both persons an opportunity to meet as many people as possible to see if romance occurs. The rationale behind today’s speed dating is that love at first sight is possible and that long term relationships can evolve from these events.

To the extent that going out with someone who does not share your political affiliation is a deal breaker using a site like Trump singles certainly reduces your risk of failure on the first date. But what happens if your political affiliation changes?

The fact of the matter is that as people move up the social economic ladder they tend to become more conservative and vote Republican and as they experience economic stress they tend to vote Democrat. On the other hand in this election the tables were reversed as Trump tapped into Reagan Democrats to eke out a victory. Will your political choices and those of your new friend last? If they don’t what happens to your relationship? We can hope that you learn to communicate as good communication tends to lead to lasting relationships.

Communication is important in finding that special someone and in avoiding or dealing with conflict. Communication leads to lasting relationships because it makes life with that special someone more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Every relationship has it high points and its low points. Talking about issues that affect your relationship goes a long way towards resolving those differences. Hurt feelings smolder if not voiced. Sharp retorts only serve to make your partner angry. They do not solve anything. Communication leads to lasting relationships because communication helps you and your partner identify differences and find answers to your problems.

Those differences may include one or the other of a pair of Trump supporters having second thoughts.

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