Can Holding Hands Lead to Sex?

For anyone hoping for sex on the first date, holding hands is probably a disappointment. After all can holding hand lead to sex? You might be surprised! There a several kinds of displays of physical affection. These are:

  • Backrubs and Massages
  • Caressing and Stroking
  • Cuddling and Holding
  • Hugging
  • Holding Hands
  • Kissing on the Face
  • Kissing on the Lips

Physical affection is any kind of touch in which you or your partner intend to arouse feelings of love in the other. In the case of a really hot first date that ends up having sex in bed you have already passed the physical affection stage. But, for most of us mere mortals, it requires a little attention to the process to get to a sexual relationship, especially a happy relationship with lots of sex.

Holding Hands and the Relationship

Holding hands and other forms of affection make us feel better. Signs of affection make us feel better about the other person, ourselves and the prospects for the relationship. Simply holding hands reinforces feelings of intimacy and helps partners approach more sexually explicit touch. And, for those in long term relationships, holding hands and other forms of less intimate touch help remind us why we are in a relationship even when we are having problems.

Sending a Message

You may have met someone and are going out together for a second or third time. The two of you get along well enough but one or both of you are slow at getting a feeling of trust and intimacy with the other. In this case holding hands is a safe way to send a message that you care for the other person without immediately demanding sex as a reward. On the other hand if you have been going out with someone for months and when you offer your hand he or she refuses it that is a message too. If you really are ready for a more physically intimate relationship and your friend is not you need to talk about it and find out what your friend thinks and feels. There are people who just want to be good friends. If that it what you want too, that is great. It is not do not get stuck in a relationship that simply makes you feel unloved and not cared for.

Building Trust by Holding Hands

If you, or your new friend, have been hurt in a previous relationship it may be difficult to get close to someone new. You may go out on dates and be secretly afraid to commit yourself to someone new. Here is especially where signs of physical affection as simple as walking hand in hand are useful in breaking down barriers. Psychologists talk about use successive approximations to approach something that causes fear or other uncomfortable feelings. They talk about combining simple touch with a pleasurable conversation. If you have been hurt in a previous relationship something as simple as holding hands will help you get back to where you desire and can enjoy intimacy in a relationship.

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