Buying a Present for Your Sweetheart

The holidays are just around the corner and Valentine’s Day comes just a little after that. This brings up the issue of buying a present for your sweetheart. What should be a pleasant experience is actually a minefield of doubts, potential mistakes and recriminations! Here are a few thoughts about what to do and what not to do when buying a present for your sweetheart.

The Goldilocks Principle

In the children’s’ story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the little girl always finds the optimum solution to her problems. The porridge is too hot or too cold so she settles on the one that is just right. One bed is too hard and the other is too soft and she settles for the one that is just right. Remember the wisdom of Goldilocks when buying a present for your sweetheart.

A New Sweetheart

You have just starting going out with someone new. The two of you are just getting to know each other. You want to impress your new friend with a nice present. What are the potential mistakes? If you and your new girlfriend did not have sex on the first date or even the second or third beware of buying her a negligee. You may be ready for the next step but you may be coming on too strong. And if you would like to get away for a bit with you new boyfriend, do not suggest the most expensive resort, cruise or hotel. He may just decide that you are too expensive for his tastes. Cards are good and flowers are always good. Beyond that you can ask his brother or her sister for gift ideas.

Married Couples

The two of you are coming up on your twentieth anniversary or maybe your second. There comes a point in life where people buy what they want or need when they want or need it. This makes that person hard-to-shop-for. The person who has everything may not have had all of the experiences that he or she might like to have had. Think of a get-a-way, a cruise, a weekend trip to a different city. Surprise the love of your life. And, men, never, never, never make the mistake of thinking that buying your wife a new washer dryer combination takes the place of a negligee, romantic evening or jewelry. And, women, never never never forget that even the most secure and stable husband likes a little surprise from time to time. Here is where calling in a favor from a favorite aunt or uncle to babysit the kids while you take your spouse to a romantic hide-a-way is an ideal gift. After all happy relationships always can use a little rekindling of the spark of love.

And Saying Thank You

This is the other side of coin from buying a present for your sweetheart. When your sweetheart gives you a gift make sure to give him or her a heartfelt thank you. Couples that have been together for months or years sometimes forget to thank the giver. Saying things like, that wasn’t necessary may sound to you like the right thing to say but such comments diminish the thought put into a loving gift. Always remember to say thank you and follow it with a hug and kiss.

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