Dating on a Budget

Having a good time on a date does not have to cost a lot of money. A cheap first date can be a successful first date. In fact, having a cup of coffee together in a quiet corner café can be a great way to get to know that new someone in your life without adding undue expectations and stress. And, if like most folks, you are living on a budget, dating on a budget needs to be part of the plan.  Our first choice for a first date is the coffee shop without any frills to see if the two of you want to continue to see each other. If that turns out to be the case here are a few more ideas for those who are dating on a budget.

Coupons Are Good

Many restaurants, theaters and other businesses offer discounts, two for one deals and more in order to attract new business. If you purchased a coupon book to help support a neighborhood school activity page through the book and pick a cheap spot for dating on a budget. The nice part of coupon books is that you will typically need to go to a different place to eat, bowl or see a movie each time so you won’t get bored with the same place.

Free Museums And Art Galleries

Many museums and art galleries are open free to the public on Sundays. And when a local gallery that sells fine art has a new display it is usually free to come and see the new art work and consume a few munchies and a glass or wine, or two as well. These sorts of outings are great when you are getting to know someone because there are things to talk about and quiet places to hear what your new friend is saying.

Happy Hours Are Good Too

And if the two of you would like to meet after work and relax over a drink remember that drinks are commonly half price at happy hour. The down side to this venue is that happy hour is commonly loud hour at your local bar unless you arrive and leave early. But, the price is right if you are dating on a budget.

Matinee Movies

If the two of you like the movies there is no reason to wait until the late show and pay full price. If you are dating on a budget go to a half price matinee. And when the movie lets out use one of those half price restaurant coupons as well.

Live Entertainment

Coffee houses often sponsor live music by new groups. The group plays for free for the exposure and the price is right for you if you are dating on a budget. Likewise, comedy clubs may offer cheap tickets for nights when amateurs are trying to break in. The point is that you do not have to pay a lot for a successful date.

The Great, And Free, Out of Doors

City parks are free and state and national parks are cheap. Strawberry picking is a great way to spend a June afternoon and sampling apple cider is a great pursuit on an October weekend. And, when was the last time you went sledding or flew a kite? And, if your outing turns into a hot first date there is a lot of privacy out of doors as well. Just don’t skimp on the condoms!

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