Brush Up on Your Grammar before Dating Online

Proofread your messages before sending or risk failure in the online dating world. No matter what you are going to say make sure that your grammar is correct. Teen Vogue states that bad grammar is the biggest turnoff in online dating.

Everyone puts a lot of thought into what they say to get that first date from Tinder, but it turns out how you say it is more important. In a new survey, the dating service Zoosk found that poor grammar is the biggest online dating deal breaker.

In the survey of over 9,000 people, 72% of online daters said spelling errors are a turn off and 48% consider poor grammar a deal breaker. Misspelling your “hey what’s up” message or leaving out that apostrophe signals that you’re either too busy, too lazy, or don’t really care. Obviously that’s not very attractive.

It also turns out that adding an exclamation point in your introduction increases the odds of a response by 10%. Why brush up on your grammar before dating online? If you want to increase the odds of finding and keeping that special someone make sure that you don’t lose out before you start. After all in the world of online dating first impressions come from what you write and not what you say.

Making the Best First Impression

It has been exactly four years since we wrote that you want to make a great first impression.

We may believe that when we meet that special person, he or she will instantly see us for the wonderful person that we are. Or we may believe that no matter how hard we try that that special someone is just too good for us, no matter what we do. Both of these beliefs are wrong! You can do and say things that will make a first great impression but it make take a little effort on your part. and, pick an appropriate place to go.

And what you say and do is important.

To make a first great impression saying less is better than saying more. Conversations should be two sided. Don’t bore that special someone with detailed accounts of your life’s troubles or you last boyfriend or girlfriend. Tell a funny story or talk, briefly, about something interesting in your life. Then invite that special someone to tell you about something interesting. Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Listen and you will make a great first impression.


Try not to fidget. Avoid scratching yourself, anywhere! Use an interesting but not offensive cologne or perfume. Avoid pushing the conversation and be aware if your new friend seems uncomfortable or distracted. And never pay more attention to someone else when you want to make a great first impression on that special someone.

But, if you never get to the first face to face date all of this advice is worthless. So, brush up on your grammar before dating online. If spelling and grammar are not your strong points have someone you trust look at what you are sending and make corrections. Then make a copy of the corrections so that you do not have to ask again. Think of what you write in a text message as the first step toward making a great first impression.

And, if you are not really interested in this person just say so and don’t make him or her guess from the fact that you are sending dumb messages with bad grammar!


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