Bringing Your New Friend Home to Meet the Family

You met someone you really like and the two of you have been seeing a lot of each other. Christmas is almost here and you are thinking about bringing your new friend home to meet the family. Is this a good idea? Is this a bad idea? What sort of problems might arise when you bring your new friend into the annual family gathering at Christmas?

Are You Friends or a Couple?

When you bring your new friend home for Christmas the little things will say a lot about your relationship. If your new friend is just a friend he or she will probably bring his or her own presents. If you are a couple you will shop together and give the gifts as a couple. Thinking this through will help you decide what your relationship is all about and will give a clue to the family as well.

Mom’s Home and Not a Hotel

If you want to make a good impression, make sure that you both clean up after yourselves. That means helping clear dishes from the table, washing and drying dishes, making your own bed and generally picking up after yourself. A sure fire way to make a bad impression with the family is to act like the two of you are in a hotel and waiting for maid service. In fact, if you pitch in with chores even when they are not yours to do it makes a good impression.

Dad’s House and Dad’s Rules

The two of you may have stated with a hot first date and never cooled off. Perhaps he or she has moved in and you sleep together every night. But when you bring your new friend home to meet the family you are back in your parents’ home and need to abide by their rules. This is not all that difficult if you are home for Christmas Day and will go back to your place for the night. But, if you are staying for a few days you may need to put up with a few nights sleeping solo. Having some time alone is great and expected of a couple in love, but making out in public is probably crossing the line.

Nosey Neighbors, Aunts and Busy-bodies in General

Even if you are back in your small town for Christmas you do not need to put up with small town gossip and intrusion into your life. Nosey neighbors, aunts with sharp tongues and others make their way through small town life gossiping about anyone and everyone. And, all too often, they make nasty comments right to your face, smiling the whole time like they had just said something nice. It is absolutely OK to defend yourself and your new friend. There is a good reason that you moved out of your nosey small down and into the city. You can tell that to any nosey person who irritates you or insults your friend. Don’t let an abusive relationship with someone in your family ruin your life.

It Is OK to Be Yourself

If you bring your new friend home for the holidays and it turns into a chore you may never want to return. For both you and your new friend the best advice is to be yourself and let the family get to know the new you and your new friend.

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