Boring Dates: How Do You Get Out Of Them?

Everyone has had a boring date at one time or another, or will have one at some point in time. Sometimes, it seems as if you’re stuck in a boring date, with your life flashing before your eyes and no good way to escape. You shouldn’t have to waste your time on a boring date so you need to know the ways to get out of them.

Planning a way to escape is the best way to avoid being stuck at a boring date. There will be no hurt feelings and you will still have your sanity by getting out of the date this way. You can try these ideas on your next date.

Have excuses ready before you go on your date. Have a friend give you a call at some point during the date. If the date is not going great, there is always the option to pretend there is some emergency by having a friend call you at a specific time. If everything is going fine then just say a few words and end the call.

There are also web services that will call you at a certain time. If your friends cannot be trusted to contact you in a timely fashion, you could set up a time delayed SMS excuse message through the Internet.

Place a time limit on the date. Advise that you cannot stay out late since you have early morning plans for the next day that cannot be changed. By suggesting you have to be somewhere at a specific time, it makes the date more bearable because you know when the minute hand hits the right time, you are good to go. If you’re having a good time, just revise your earlier statement and say you’ll easily be able to get up early enough.

To begin with, go out on small dates. To ensure you are able to leave when necessary, just set a time limit, such as an hour to meet for coffee and a sandwich. Before leaving the date or pretending the fake event has been canceled, you can always arrange another date.

Watch a movie together and then you’ll have ideas for a conversation after it’s over. This way you won’t have to make small talk during the movie if you have nothing in common. Try to pick a film that you both want to see so that you can enjoy the date even more.

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