Beware of Being a Dating Professional

Much of the dating advice that we give on these pages could be learned through experience. The more times that you go out with someone the more you learn about dating. However, most people eventually find that special someone. They cease to have dates and have a relationship. So, they don’t really get to be overly skilled at dating. If you develop a professional expertise at dating it can be a problem. Beware of being a dating professional. After all, the point of going out is to develop a relationship with someone. If you become too skilled at getting what you want, like frequent sex, in dating you likely are having issues with moving on to a relationship. Beware of being a dating professional because dating professionals don’t end up in strong and healthy relationships. Beware of being a dating professional because in the end everyone else moves on and you are left at the bar, alone.

Pickup Lines Are Of Little Use When You Are Teaching A Child To Tie His Shoes

Beware of being a dating professional whose skill sets have to do with seduction instead of nurturing. You will hopefully move from dating for fun and romance to a strong and growing relationship. By the time you have a solid relationship you may be talking about getting married and having children. By the time you have children the focus of your life together will be to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your children. Beware of being a dating professional if doing so keeps you from developing the skills that are necessary later on in an adult life.

Game Playing Does Not Heal Relationships

Beware of being a dating professional if that entails game playing. Getting your boyfriend or girlfriend to have sex with you, give you money, or provide other “services” of a demeaning nature often requires subterfuge. Now fast forward to a relationship that is trouble. Game playing is often the reason that relationships fail. Good and honest communication is what brings couples back together. Beware of being a dating professional if being one requires extensive game playing.

Do Not Bring Professional Dating Skills Forward Into A Relationship

To the extent that a person gets what he or she wants in dating it may simply be a matter of being aggressive. This is like being a persistent salesperson. Aggressiveness often pays off in getting a sale, building a business, and winning in the business world. But, do not confuse aggressiveness with persistence. Persistent can be useful in a relationship whereas aggressiveness is typically a losing strategy. Beware of being a dating professional if what gets you what you want in dating is aggressiveness or other nasty tactics that kill relationships.

Do You Want To Date A Dating Professional?

Dating a dating professional can be like dating someone who is stuck in a time warp. People usually date, develop relationships, and move on to a fulfilling life together. Not only should you beware of being a dating professional but beware of dating one of these people. They are commonly shallow and likely to entrap you in their small and sad world.

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