Be Yourself on the First Date

If you are looking for success on the first date, be yourself. Talk about interesting things in your current life and in your past and let your new friend do the same. Skip any details about previous relationships; this could end up being a hot first date and you do not want it to turn into a therapy session. Be truthful about yourself and expect the same from the person with whom you are going out. Pretending to be someone else never leads to dating success in the long run so be yourself on the first date. And, because the real you is a good listener, be yourself on the first date and try to find out more about that special someone who is with you for the evening. If you want a fun first date and more, be yourself on the first date and read on more.

Picking Up The Check

If you are going to be yourself on the first date that includes being yourself when it comes to who pays the check at the restaurant. If you are an older man back on the dating trail you are used to paying when you take a lady out to dinner. If you are an older woman you may expect to have the man pay or you may remember when women choose to pay their share as equals of men. Whatever the case, be yourself on the first date. If the two of you need to discuss the issue, go ahead. It will be a great chance to get to know each other.

Sex On The First Date

Your goal in dating may be simply to enjoy a sexual relationship. If that is the case, dress to appear sexually attractive. What you wear does not have to reveal bare skin but your dress, pants and shirt should reveal the best aspects of your figure. Be yourself on the first date if your goal is having a partner for sex. You want the other person to like you and find you to be attractive. Going too fast often ruins things. Give other person a chance to get to know you and to like you. Give him or her a chance to fantasize about being with you in bed. Then be yourself on the first date and be truthful about the kind of relationship you want and how soon you want it. In the event that you are successful in your quest, wear something that will make the job easy. Women may choose a one piece dress with an easily detached belt. Men should give thought to loafers instead of laced shoes and forget about a tie. If sex the first time you meet someone is not your goal, be yourself on the first date and simply say, no, not for now.

Things That Both Of You Like

Get to know the person and find things that both of you like to do. Then you can be yourself on the first date and so can the other person. Remember, a first date is a chance to get to know the other person. If the two of you do not like each other the date is not necessarily a failure. You simply need to move on the next person in your search for a friend, lover, and soul mate.

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  1. Ali Hafiz says:

    Nice post Lucelly. what i think about being yourself is that it is not about not making mistakes at all, but it is about being calm while reacting to those mistakes simply because it is our nature as humans to make mistakes.

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