Be A Good Listener When Dating Online

Everyone has a story and everyone likes to tell their story. But there are times when it is better to be a good listener when dating online. Let the other person tell their story. To be a good listener when dating online does not mean to be totally quiet. Be an active listener and respond when appropriate to what your new friend is saying or sending via text. Good communication makes dating easier and more fun. And good communication leads to lasting relationships . Be a good listener when dating online and foster good communication.

Communication Is A Two Way Street

When looking for someone to spend your life with be a person who talks a bit and listens more. Avoid being not someone who lectures or talks as though the other person were not there. Avoid complaining to your new found friend, giving boring details of the past, or simply talking incessantly. Let your new friend speak. Ask simple questions to get them going. Be an active listener to keep the conversation going. It is especially important to be a good listener when dating online because you want to build a relationship based on shared conversation. Do not kill the relationship before it starts by hogging the conversation!

Being A Good Listener Helps To Avoid And Fix Problems

Relationships have high and low points. Talking about issues that come up may be all you need to do to resolve differences and mend hurt feelings. Hurt feelings smolder if not voiced. Sharp retorts only serve to make your partner angry. Being a good listener when dating online helps you understand what your friend is saying and what they need. A helpful suggestion from an active listener can save the day when a relationship is in danger. Why is your friend angry? Are they afraid? Be a good listener and it will help you understand the source of the feelings that your friend is having. Being a good listener when dating online will help you ignore harsh words an get to the core of what is going on that is making your friend say what he or she says or act how he or she is acting. You have a much better chance of fixing things or avoiding problems when you understand and you can understand better through active listening.

When To Talk When You Are A Good Listener

When your new friend runs out of things to say, help out by making a suggestion. Tell a little about yourself or tell a funny story. Then encourage your friend to talk again. Communication comes easier if the two of you are relaxed. If bringing flowers makes your friend happy bring a bouquet. If he or she likes funny stories and jokes tell a funny anecdote about your day or a joke you just heard. And sometimes when the two of you are dating in the real world a hug, a kiss, or a soft touch may say more than a thousand words. If you want a happy life with someone focus on the relationship and be a good listener when dating online or when dating in the real world.

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