Bad First Dates

For many people, a first date is far from perfect. It is the time where absolutely everything is new and information about the other person will be learned for the first time. These bad first dates can often be awkward and uncomfortable which may hinder the chances of getting a second date with someone even if there is some sort of connection with them. Here are some ways to avoid first bad first dates that both genders can easily follow.

One way to avoid bad first dates is to not be late. If you are going to pick someone up or meet somewhere, do not be late. You are making a first impression at this time and therefore doing this will make a bad first impression.

Causing the other person to wait for you is going to make them form negative judgments about you that probably are not true. They will also feel frustrated and aggravated as the time passes. Being punctual is a good thing because it demonstrates that you can keep your commitments and are someone they can rely on.

Also, try to stay away from using profanity. Some people slip up and use profanity when they are nervous, which is how many feel when on a first date with someone. It is important to not do this and think before you speak because there are a lot of people put off by profanity. It can also give the other person the impression that you are not respectful and are not demonstrating class if it is used, especially excessively. Using it here and there when more dates have gone on and each person is a lot more comfortable with each other makes it more acceptable.

On a first date, whether male or female, carry no financial expectations. Do not expect the other person to pay for everything and instead offer to either split the expenses or have a system where one time one person will pay and the next time the other person will pay.

It is extremely bad to eat at a restaurant and then when the bill comes, you realize you did not bring any money so the other person must pay the bill. This definitely makes a person look cheap and as if they are using the other person.

Another thing to avoid is talking about controversial subjects such as religion and politics. Views can be so different that discussions regarding these topics can become very heated. This is why it is important to stay away from those topics because there could be opposing views that lead to negative feelings. First dates should be light in conversation where basic information about each other is exchanged in a fun manner. Nothing will spoil a date like an argument.

Those were ways to avoid bad first dates. If you try to be punctual, speak appropriately, be fair with money, and not talk about certain issues, there is a much larger chance of landing a second date. You will notice that the date will go smoother if you do not do these things.

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