Avoid Online Dating Mistakes

If you want to find the love of your life with an online dating site you will want to avoid online dating mistakes. There are obvious ones like trying to find someone to help pay the bills on an online dating site or making extremely offensive comments and expecting the girl of your dreams to not find you revolting. But, there are more subtle errors that can torpedo your dating dreams. Read on about how to avoid online dating mistakes.

Avoid Long Pauses in an Evolving Relationship

You have met someone interesting online and would like to go out for a real date. However, you need to travel for business or family reasons and will not be back in town for several weeks or months. Try to maintain the relationship online for the time being. Do not try to set up a face to face date and then tell your new friend that you will not be available for half a year! The person whom you have just met online is looking for a relationship now and not next year. His or her impression will be that you are seeing someone else or that you are not really all that interested in a hot first date with them now or ever.

Finding an Introduction That Works

When you first meet someone online use their resume and yours as guides to starting a conversation. Avoid seeming sexually aggressive. Your new friend may be looking for sex but may have second thoughts if you seem interested in nothing else. Also avoid talking about politics, race and past relationships. All of these are online dating mistakes when dealt with in the early days of an online relationship.

Do Not Discount Yourself

Everyone has doubts and many people have things in their past that they believe will exclude them from having a happy relationship. It can be a temptation to bring up these doubts and issues right away. The thinking is that I would rather find out right away that he or she will not want me and this will save me from getting my hopes up and then dashed. Do not discount yourself. If you are nervous about dating it is likely that your friend is too. If you have had a bad relationship that you are getting over maybe the other person has had a similar experience. Maybe you had a teenage pregnancy, trouble with the law, or other things that you think will make others not love you. You will eventually want to bring these things up in conversation but not on the internet before you even meet the person face to face. After all you may decide that you do not like the person and then you will never need to tell them anything. And if he or she falls head over heels for you the rest will probably not matter.

Be Careful with Pickup Lines

Some guys like to use pickup lines to get a woman’s attention. Be careful with this approach. After all you already have her attention if the two of you are chatting online and maybe heading for a first date. May pickup lines have double meanings that are easy to understand from body language and context when you are face to face and can be bad dating mistakes when delivered online.

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