Aussie Dating Site Comparisons The Great Online Dating Show Down

Who would have ever believed a few years ago that in 2010 we would be seeing online dating commercials on TV during prime time?

When online dating services first became a reality more than fifteen years ago such services mainly used newspaper personals and personal ads for marketing purposes which also assisted the industry to gain exposure but at the same time allowing singles to find out about such services and remain annonymous given that online dating wore the ‘desperate’ tag back then.

Now, let’s look at the significant impact dating online has on our social patterns and how internet dating is no more for the desperate and dateless.

Online dating is no longer an underground matchmaking option for savvy singles in today’s age of modernism and technology. Quite the opposite in fact. Cyberspace dating is a billion dollar industry on a global scale dominated by mega corporations including some of the world’s largest media companies.

In Australia, Fairfax Media Group found its perfect match when it purchased RSVP within the last decade for around 40 million dollars. The acquisition was the first of its kind by an Australian media company. RSVP has reigned as Australia’s largest and oldest online dating websites service but looks set to relinquish its stronghold due to other media and international challengers.

So, who are these challengers?

Oasis active. Cost: 100% free. Members: More than 1 million in Australia. Features: Instant chat messenger and auto profile matching notification.

eHarmony. Cost: Up to $200 for an annual premium membership. Members: More than 15 million world wide. Features: Unique compatibility matching features based on values. Cost: Around $40.00 monthly subscription. Members: More than 20 million world wide. Features: Offering the world’s largest pool of singles to choose from.

AussieMatchmaker. Cost: Around $40 monthly subscription. Members: Around 800,000 Australian members. Features: Auto profile matching notification and live 24/7 social chat rooms.

Redhotpie. Cost: Starting basic membership at $35.00 – premium membership is $90.00. Members: 1.8 million Aussie member listings. Features: Instant chat messenger and auto profile matching notification, live webcam video singles chat rooms. Redhotpie is aimed at the adult market for men and women looking for casual relationships.

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What are the pros-cons of dating somebody at work?

I’m already dating a guy from work and we have a great relationship except that nobody at work knows and there are rumors about me dating other guys at work. They know I’m dating but because I don’t say who they speculate and that’s how rumors start. They also tell my bf that he should date so and so. Anyway, what would be the pros of letting people know who am I dating and what would be the cons?

theres no pro and con about anything when dating someone at work
i think just the rumors and gossip are just getting to ya…you just have to pay attention to your life and your bf. don’t listen to what people are saying around at work…thats what THEY think and it shouldn’t interfere your relationship with him. ignore those comments and let your life be private…if you don’t, your just gonna get caught up into jealousy and eventually its gonna ruin the relationship sooner or later
;D see, i answered your question

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