Attract Women With Confidence

Are your negative perceptions of yourself and lack of confidence when dealing with women holding you back from ever finding the perfect mate? Are you your own worst enemy? In order to really communicate well with women and gain the confidence that so many women admire in a man, you must find a way to end your negative connotations about yourself.

Ending your negative connotations about yourself when it comes to romance means you must clear your mind of everything you’ve ever been told about dealing with women. You must get rid of the concerns you have about your past history with women and find a new sense of self-confidence. You must examine your opinions that have formed over the years about dating and what a woman wants and needs. So don’t think that beautiful women are scary monsters. They really aren’t so frightening when you get to know them!

The first idea you need to change is your impression that you don’t deserve a beautiful, independent, and sensational woman. At some point in our lives, we put ourselves into “leagues”, thus the expression “out of my league” was formed and it seems we can never escape from our “league”. It is important to quit having self-limiting thoughts about yourself.

It isn’t impossible to deal with women effectively. Get rid of any ideas that suggest otherwise. But you must be honest, up front, and interested in your communications with women. If you can do this, they will be more responsive to you.

If you strike out with a woman you really liked, don’t automatically assume that the blame should go on you, because it isn’t necessarily true. You wouldn’t want to pursue a woman who honestly wasn’t interested in you, would you? Don’t evaluate your manhood by whether or not you get rejected by a particular person you’re interested in. Don’t make her judgments your reality. Just move on without worrying about it.

Get rid of the notion that you always have to be perfect and “smooth” all the time. If you make a mistake, just laugh at the situation and be able to laugh at yourself. This is a quality that many women love! If you become depressed or lose confidence because of your mistakes, she will notice and perhaps lose confidence and interest in you as well.

Take an honest assessment of yourself. Forget about all the bad things that hostile people in your past have said about you. The moment you begin thinking what they said was true is when it becomes true, at least in your own mind.

When it comes to women, the way we think about ourselves has a direct effect on how successful or unsuccessful we are when dating. If we do not think we are manly enough or strong enough to attract a beautiful woman, then we will not attract them! On the other hand, if we perceive ourselves as being a good guy with lots to offer, then our actions will follow suit and we will automatically become more attractive to women. It’s inevitable.

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