Ask for a Kiss in Spanish

You have been going out with a Latino or Latina and are feeling romantic. Maybe you would like to hold hands or even kiss him or her. And maybe your command of the Spanish language is not especially good. How do you ask for a kiss in Spanish? For that matter maybe your understanding of the Latin American culture is not so good either. Is it appropriate to ask for a kiss in Spanish when you are out on the first date? Some of this depends on the country that you are in, the age of the person you are going out with, and just how formal or informal the relationship is. All of this having been said, you would like to ask for a kiss in Spanish. Well, the Spanish for a kiss is beso. The verb to kiss is besar. Now you need to consider a bit of grammar.

Beso or besar

If you want to ask for a kiss in Spanish you are asking for “un beso por favor.” – a kiss, please. If you want to ask if it is OK to kiss this person you are going out with you are asking “podría besar a ti.” – may I kiss you. The former is probably easier if your Spanish is weak as you will not have to deal with the conditional tense of poder, to be able to. And, do not ever forget to say por favor – please. Spanish culture is traditionally a polite culture. If you always remember your manners you are bien educado, which means well mannered or brought up right and not well educated in the sense of a lot of schooling.

Un beso por favor

You may be a really hot gringo or gringa (male or female North American) but that, by itself, may not be enough to get you an affirmative response when you ask for a kiss in Spanish. Latino and Latinas can be very romantic but they may also be very aware of the required courtesies of a new relationship. Saying por favor when you make a request and “es muy amable” – you are very kind, when you receive a service makes you, the gringo or gringa stand out as someone well mannered and worthy of continued attention, that is to say, bien educado. So, when you ask for a kiss in Spanish you might just say, “un beso por favor?” with the same inflection as when asking a question in English and your chances of success will have risen.

And more

You and your new Latin American friend may really hit it off. If he or she takes the initiative and holds your hand, willingly grants a kiss or two, and seems interested in spending more of the evening together what do you say next? I love you is te amo. When can I see you again is cuando vemos de nuevo or simply cuando de nuevo? Want to spend the night is quieres tardar la noche conmigo. This last on you may want to write down and simply show it to him or her. If your sense of things is correct you may have a very enjoyable evening and if you guess wrong you will experience Latin wrath.

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