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How do you start dating if you never dated before and you’re hearing impaired?

I’m just wondering what are some good ways to start dating? I’m a bit of a shy person, so at age 25, it’s starting to get a bit hopeless thinking maybe I’m starting to get uglier by the year. So I’m just wondering good ways to start dating again? I tried online dating services with no luck. I’m hearing impaired so I really can’t go to bars and stuff, but one to one conversations work very well to a certain extent.

Any ideas?

1. Let the person you are talking to know that you have a hearing problem. Ask them to speak clearly not more loudly. They will understand and work with you in this respect. ” I know I have a hearing problem and wear hearing aids in both ears.”
#2. I know they are expensive but get your self digital hearing aids and that will help a lot also. Some have adjustments for noisey areas such as resturants and another adjustment for road noise while riding in car. ” That is the type I have and they work quite well.”
As far as the dating I can not be of much help there. Good Luck.

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