Are the Holidays a Good Time to Start Dating Someone?

The end of year holidays are often times of stress. If you are in a committed relationship there are gifts to get and receive, family gatherings to attend and a lot of things to accomplish before the end of the year. And if you not in a relationship it can be a lonely time of the year, feeling like you are being left out of all of the gatherings and fun. It can be tempting to start looking for someone online to dispel the loneliness you are experiencing. But, are the holidays a good time to start dating someone? There is the risk of jumping into a relationship too soon because you are lonely. There is the risk of bringing a relationship along too fast because of all of the family obligations during the holiday season. And, there is the distinct possibility that you will find the love of your life. Here are a few about if the holidays are a good time to start dating someone.

Holiday Shopping

What sort of present to you purchase for someone you just met online and went out with once to a coffee shop? Last week we wrote about the perils of holiday shopping with your sweetheart. If you have just met someone and are getting to know them over the holidays it can be difficult to know about presents. If you give something nice they may think you are pushing things along too fast. If you fail to meet their expectations you may fail to develop the relationship. But, if your new friend is a gold digger you may find that out early in the game and have a chance to get out of the relationship without too much damage.

Hot First Date, or Not

Everyone fantasizes about having a hot first date. This often happens but not when everyone is excessively busy and worrying about things outside of the relationship. If you start dating over the holidays it is probably best to have reasonable expectations of what will happen when you go out together. If you are lonely going out with your new friend will help. Talk about things and find fun things to do together. You may not have sex on the first date but you may develop an nice friendship and lasting relationship.

New Friends and Your Family

Let us say that you are single and that your mother really wants you to get married and have children. Are the holidays a good time to start dating someone and bring them home for the holidays to see your mother? Beware of bringing someone totally new in your life into the midst of family issues. It not only makes your life miserable but also can drive your new friend away. The worst case scenario is that your new friend and your mother team up to force you into a relationship and marriage that you are not yet ready for.

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