Are Elite Dating Apps Worth It?

If you are rich or famous or both, Tinder may invite you to use the new Tinder Select dating app. We are wondering, are elite dating apps worth it? There are several so-called elite dating apps. You need to be invited or pass an application process to use these elite apps.

Elite Dating Apps

Tinder Select

This is an invitation only app. Users can nominate others but the nominees cannot so that the circle of users will remain select.


You need to be nominated by a current user to get into this app which is targeted for “creative industries.” We wonder who got in first.


This is an offshoot of Bumble. We like it because membership is not based on fame but on thoughtful and considerate behavior in the online dating world.

The League

The aim of this app is apparently to bring together well educated, attractive and intelligent people. They use data for LinkedIn to screen education and business data.

Good or Bad?

On the good side these dating apps improve your ability to select someone whom you may want to date. That especially works if you want to limit your dating pool to beautiful and rich people with interesting jobs. But what if the love of your life does not like publicity. You will never know that he or she is rich, brilliant and beloved by a small group of friends. And remember our article about how dating apps kill mixed attractiveness relationships.

It turns out that opinion about desirability changes with the length of acquaintance. Factors such as sense of humor and honesty come to light and overshadow physical attractiveness, especially if the physical attractiveness is not combined with other positive features.

So one of the down sides of elite dating apps is that you will never meet the person who is the best match for you on earth because he or she has not been invited into the elite dating set.

What Is Elite Dating All About?

Is elite dating about finding that special someone or simply being seen with the rich and famous? For that matter are the rich and famous really good choices if you want a happy relationship or even sex on the first date?

Liz Taylor was married 8 times, twice to Richard Burton. And then there are Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mickey Rooney, Larry King, Lana Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, Rue McClanahan, Tony Curtis, Eddie Fisher, Rita Hayworth, Kenny Rogers, Martin Scorsese, Billy Bob Thornton, Geraldo Rivera, Lorenzo Lamas, Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra, Janet Leigh, Louis Armstrong, Doris Day, Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkley. These folks are ranked by number of marriages ranging from 8 down to 4.

It would appear that being famous is not necessarily the key to dating or relationship success. As such you might ask if elite dating apps are worth it. If you want to meet someone online dating is an efficient way to find more prospects and then narrow the field to folks you will probably like. If success in dating and developing a lasting relationship is your goal, elite dating apps are probably not the best choice.

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