30 Is The New 20 For Modern Dating and Singles

With relentless pressure from rival online dating sites and a forecast predicting a slow down in market growth, the big online dating sites in the U.S look to fertile markets such as China and India. Revenues earned by the big four online dating companies in the U.S have averaged around 650 million dollars over the past three years indicating a slow down in growth for the online dating industry in the U.S.

China and India have a combined population of nearly 3 billion people. So on the surface it would appear as though these countries would be an ideal market for U.S online dating companies to target. Whilst these countries have massive populations, around 80% of their citizens are poverty stricken farmers, and would be the least likely folk to be shelling out for an online dating subscription.

Certainly there are already singles sites on the internet targeting these markets and are set up and run by local people who understand their respective cultures and don’t have translation issues to deal with comparable to what their American rivals will face. International singles match making presents hurdles for foreign businesses. Differing societal attitudes, cunning rivalry and cultural quirks will dumbfound the most sophisticated professional. It is true that love takes on a different set of meanings depending on which part of the world you belong to.

One thing for certain is that romance and love is extremely remunerative and has proven to be virtually recession-proof. Transforming operations to suit such differing market places is worth the initial headaches that will be endured adapting to the new cultural conditions. The Chinese and Indian markets are set to take on a completely new look to how westerners utilize online dating sites . Parents of young singles play a pivotal role in matchmaking with regards to arranged marriages. An initial introduction between a man and a women is likely to begin with the parents attending. The parents will later consult to determine if their children will make a suitable husband and wife.

Modern times and the gradual integration of Chinese society into western culture will provide the big U.S dating companies with a mixed variety of clientele forcing them to have functionality available on their websites that allows for arranged marriages and for a more liberal match making service akin to what they are currently accustomed to. The push into the Asian markets is seen by analysts as a long term strategic move to sure up future commercial growth.

What insights can you provide on dating and partner selection?

Most of us have dated, some of us are married, others of us are single or divorced. Based on this information and your own experiences, What insights can you provide on dating and partner selection?

I would now first agree that there would not be a marriage for at least 9 months. As much as possible, keep the sex out of it unless you’re partnered now. But sex has a tendency to screw with your good sense. If you can live through the battles and the whining from him/her for 9 months, you have a good chance of making it.

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