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Sobrevivir a la separación del amor de tu vida

Recientemente hemos centrado nuestros escritos en las citas y la pandemia de covid-19. Afortunadamente, las citas en línea todavía funcionan en este momento para conocer gente y conocerla a través de chats, correos electrónicos e incluso llamadas telefónicas. Como hemos señalado, hay problemas con la seguridad en las citas y especialmente el sexo durante la era de covid-19. Pero también existe el problema de sobrevivir a la separación del amor de tu vida.


Surviving Separation from the Love of Your Life

We have recently focused our writing on dating and the covid-19 pandemic. Luckily, online dating still works at this time to meet people and get to know them through chats, emails, and even phone calls. As we have noted, there are issues with dating safety and especially sex during the covid-19 era. But, there is also the problem of surviving separation from the love of your life. You have developed a close relationship and he or she was traveling for work, the military, or simply for fun when the pandemic hit. Now the two of you are separated as travel is restricted between countries and even within the boundaries of nations. This is not a new situation in the world. Wars, economic circumstances, political issues, and social unrest have caused many to be separated in the past and they survived.


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