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Dating Apocalypse

Are we really seeing a dating apocalypse as Vanity Fair journalist Nancy Jo Sales says? The article casts a critical eye on the dating app, Tinder. As romance gets swiped from the screen, some twentysomethings aren’t liking what they see. The rap on Tinder is that it is making one night stands easier to find […]


Infidelidad, Citas Y Relaciones

Recientemente nos topamos con un artículo interesante  en Marie Claire acerca de “Fidelity Dating”, Citas con Fidelidad en ingles. Mientras que “Ashley Madison” se mercadea utilizando el (ahora infame) lema, ‘La vida es corta – ten una aventura’, “Fidelity Dating” pone a ese lema de cabezas, haciéndole publicidad a sus servicios con ‘EL Amor es […]


Infidelity, Dating and Relationships

We ran across an interesting article recently on Marie Claire about fidelity dating. [W]hile Ashley Madison markets itself using the (now infamous) tagline, ‘Life Is Short – Have An Affair’, Fidelity Dating turns that on its head, advertising its services with ‘Love Is Precious – Stay Faithful’. Of course, as nice as it sounds, there’s […]


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